Xalts Crypto Investment Platform raises $6 Million in Funding from Citi Ventures and Accel


Xalts is an investment management and technology company that has raised $6 million from investors, including Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon co-founder), Citi Ventures and Accel, Silicon Valley startup capital firm.

xalts was founded by AshutoshGoel, a former trader with HSBC and Supreet Kalur, a former executive of Meta Asia. Xalts will introduce a variety mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), that are focused on digital assets. These funds can be traded on many international platforms.

“Several large crypto businesses were brought to our attention last summer for not having the basic checks and balances we take for granted in financial services. “We are working with xalts to develop cutting-edge, institutional-grade solutions and products for investment. We place a high priority in compliance and control standards, which are issues that are important for institutional investors,” said Goel, chief investment officer at xalts.

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Xalts, along with other members of the ecosystem, is creating a variety of additional products such as a platform to repackage and structured products. This will allow institutions to issue structured notes that include integrated crypto options.

“Institutional investors have a lot to offer in terms of investing in the digital asset category. Many institutions we speak to cannot access the ecosystem directly. Our products and solutions bridge this gap without compromising the safety and compliance required by institutional investors,” xalts Chief Operating Officer Kaur stated.

Luis Valdich (Managing Director at Citi Ventures) stated that Xalts was their first investment in a digital asset management company. He also supported its goal of creating new products to meet the growing demand of institutional investors for crypto-access investments that are more efficient and robust.

Accel Partner Abhinav Chaturvedi said, “Our premise says that institutional adoption will continue to accelerate. We see tremendous opportunity in the market.

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