WiseTech Global donates $2.5 million to the kids tech learning platform


ASX-listed logistics firm WiseTech Global has agreed to donate one percent of its pre-tax profits to help in the field of education in tech through Grok Academy as part of a five-year contract.

The partnership, which kicks off with a FY22 contribution in excess of $2.5 million. It will help students in grades K-12 students develop their digital skills and hope that this experiences will help more of them to pursue IT jobs. WiseTech is already a partner in Grok Academy’s outreach initiatives. This includes every year’s National Computer Science School Challenge.

The money will be utilized to create Grok Academy’s Grok Academy online platform and classroom materials available gratis to Australian students teachers, students and parents, as well as plans to create new technology and literacy materials.

WiseTech Global CEO and founder Richard White said it was an amazing opportunity to provide students acquire valuable knowledge and realize the potential of a career in technology.

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“Australia requires a pipeline of highly skilled people who can shape our technology future or we’ll miss this chance. A free education for everyone Australian school students from the beginning and developing curious minds and agile minds that transform the world with technology can be a major long-term driver for the economy as well as a long-term solution to the technology skills gap,” he said.

“By using a thorough and grass-roots approach, we’re determined to ensure that every students whatever their age, gender socioeconomic situation or location, enjoy an enjoyable experience with technology in the early years which will inspire more students to pursue further education in technology and pursue career paths. We’re committed to this cause and we’re taking action to make a difference by collaborating in partnership with Grok Academy.

It’s also the right time to dispel the myths of society about what girls should do in order to make sure they don’t have to choose between the technology fields.

“Our programs are designed to help students to build computational thinking skills that are practical and are created by highly qualified teachers who have practical experiences of the challenges faced by the majority of teachers today.”

Curran stated that WiseTech’s donation will remove the barriers to cost for Grok programs, ensuring that more children with a poor economic background can be able to access them.

“While we’re happy that about 25000 students and teachers participate the Grok’s National Computer Science School Challenge every year, that’s tiny fraction of the of 4 million elementary and secondary students throughout Australia. We could do better,” he said.

“It’s an amazing initiative, and we’re hoping that many more teachers and schools across the country will benefit from the use of the tools available to aid students to think about IT career paths.”

Federal Industry and Science Ed Husic Grok Academy is an actual Australian success story that has been embraced by as a WiseTech investment.

“It is crucial that Australia is equipped with the necessary skills for jobs in the near future. I could think of no better way to get this started than to see all students in schools being able to access for free one of the top online classrooms for coding,” he said.

“The Albanese Government wants Australia to achieve 1.2 million jobs related to technology in 2030. To meet that goal we will need to bring a lot of young Australians to join the workforce from a young age to acquire those abilities and appreciate the creativity that they possess.

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