Why Opt Cloud-based Business Management Software?


Today, faced with the widespread digitization, companies are forced to equip themselves more wisely to have more efficient computer systems. This approach makes it possible to adapt to market requirements and to remain competitive. Specialized professionals currently offer a wide choice of business management solutions with a specific hosting mode. Find out the following information to choose the best hosting mode with your Sage 100 Cloud business management software and Dynamics 365: the Cloud (SaaS mode) versus On-Premise mode.

Hergergement Cloud: what are the advantages?

The Cloud, also called “SaaS mode”, is a hosting mode that is located remotely from the Sage 100 commercial management software. It is installed on the management solution publisher’s server. The Cloud includes corrective maintenance, evolutionary maintenance, and an operating system and backing up data. All you need is an internet connection to access it, but some service providers provide offline use to allow full and easier use of the business management solution .

More and more professionals favor the use of solutions hosted in SaaS or Cloud mode to take advantage of the many benefits that result. Indeed, companies appreciate the great flexibility in the use of online business management software : the service provider takes care of all maintenance and updates. It is also required to guarantee the performance of the online business management solution. Thanks to these services, users save time and money. The publisher is much better placed to ensure data security: its expertise and the infrastructure available in its professional premises are much more efficient and reliable.

Cloud as a hosting solution

The Cloud as a hosting solution for Sage 100 business management software is also appreciated for the speed and simplicity of creating user profiles. Functional access is immediate. In the event of device loss or theft, the data will be backed up because it is stored on a remote server. The company will then be able to recover them quickly and calmly continue their commercial activities by taking advantage of all the functionalities of their Sage 100 commercial management software: unified management of sales processes, management of purchases and sales , management of suppliers, management of stocks in just in time, etc.

In general, the hosting provider in SaaS mode often offers a multi-channel support service in order to respond. More quickly to requests for troubleshooting or assistance. The outsourcing of business management software. Therefore frees you from a large number of constraints in order to better focus on your company’s priorities. Indeed, your employees can devote themselves to their specialties. Thanks to these different provisions and to the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as the management of purchase orders, delivery notes. The management of purchases and sales. The management suppliers and inventory, but also quotes, invoices and collections.

On-premises mode for a customizable solution

The “On premise” hosting mode consists of investing and installing. Sage 100 commercial management software on a server that belongs to the company. It is then necessary to make a “one shot” acquisition of the software or a license. Although the On premise mode of hosting does not allow you. To enjoy the same advantages as hosting in the Cloud, the choice of this solution should be encouraged by ethical, technical and commercial reasons.

To be certain that the chosen solution is adapted to the company’s needs. Certain points must be checked, such as the possibilities of customization. The guarantee of security of the stored data, the measures for integration into the company’s computer system. The management of the increase in load, the conditions of the contract. The terms and conditions of data storage (locations, available storage spaces, access, etc.). The conditions for changing the version of the Sage 100 software commercial and recovery management data in the event of breach of contract. The possibilities of exit and the duration of the commitment.

On-premises mode for a solution

Hosting commercial management software in On-premise mode ensures autonomy in the management of its infrastructures. This option is recommended for companies or public accounts that want maximum security for highly confidential data. However, this does not call into question the security reliability of cloud-hosted solutions .

On-premise commercial management software provides companies with complete control over their infrastructure and data. However, many companies choose to host their software in the cloud for increased security and reliability.

Hosting commercial management software in an on-premise mode has a lot of benefits. Especially when it comes to security and autonomy. This is often the best option for companies or public accounts. That want to make sure that their data is highly confidential and secure. However, it’s important to note that cloud-hosted solutions are just as reliable when it comes to security.

On-premise commercial management software hosting provides companies and public accounts with increased security for handling confidential data. This option is recommended for companies or public accounts that want maximum security for highly confidential data. However, the security reliability of cloud-hosted solutions should not be called into question.

The many advantages resulting from hosting in Cloud mode make it a suitable and interesting solution. For VSEs, SMEs and companies wishing to have an efficient and reliable SME business management solution at more affordable costs. Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on the business management software. Hosting solutions that are right for you.

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