White.Inc raises more than $1 million in capital raised by Dholakia Ventures


White.Inc is a holding company for products that are digitally native to the consumer has raised more than $1 million in capital raised by Dholakia Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures along with First Port. Suhail Sameer and Shashvat Nakrani of BharatPe, Guruvanth Vaid of 4G Capital Ventures, as well as Aniket Gore from Ceramet Group were among the angel investors that took part of the funding round.

White.Inc was founded around 2021, by Siddharth Gaudodia along with Young Yun. The company is a group of digitally native companies that create top D2C Instagram-first brands including cookware, luggage drinksware, house plants, along with Apple Gear. With three more brands in the pipeline The company currently has two brands in operation: UnBottle (Drinkware) and Totem (Apple Gears).The funds will be utilized by the company to increase its workforce, create new products, build its brand and improve its technology infrastructure.

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Dravya Dholakia founder and Director of Dholakia Ventures, said, “India’s D2C market is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow to 100 billion dollars by the year 2025 and we’ve seen many successful startups and unicorns pop up within the industry. This investment is proof of the growth and advancement of these companies We’re certain that White.Inc will rise higher.”

Siddharth Gadodia, the founder and CEO of White.Inc stated, “We are going after the premium segment within the D2C sector as there is a large variety of niche segments in India which we can create brands that generate more than 200 crore in revenue. Our aim is to achieve the level of 1,000 crore within the next four years through the creation of 5-6 distinct D2C companies.”

To develop high-tech products and meet consumers’ desires, White.Inc. explores a market that is not well-served and where need that is not met and is unarticulated are identified.

Inflection Point Ventures’ founder and CEO, Vinay Bansal, remarked “The D2C market exploded in India in the past two years and we’ve seen a number of unicorns emerge in this sector. The shifting consumer purchasing habits and the growing acceptance for D2C brand names will propel this market.”

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