Vinita Jain, founder of Biotique and inspirational Indian woman Entrepreneur, talks about her humble beginnings in India


How Vinita Jain, founder of Biotique & Indian woman Entrepreneur, became the Queen of Herbs

Vinita Jain was born in Kolkata and raised in the mountains of Assam. She has grown up close to nature, which is why her parents used home remedies on illnesses that required hospital care.

She was addicted to natural products. She would learn more and more about them, which led her to the idea of starting her own company–Naturali-T.

She graduated from DU, and her interest in plants doubled afterward. Her clear mission was to use the 5000-year old solutions to address modern issues.

She researched locations abroad for her passion, which led to her ultimate decision to move to Switzerland.

She started her entrepreneurial career with no training and bearing the initial investment of 10 crore, with a small team consisting of 6 doctors.

Vinita Jain has been a self-taught entrepreneur since she was 23. Jain began her venture when she became a cosmetics salesgirl.

After three years of working at the store, she realized she could produce her own line of products and open her own store.

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Jain spent years developing the popular online store Biotique. The company has grown to employ 80+ people and ship to roughly 50 countries worldwide.

Jain love natural beauty products because it had been proven by science that using natural ingredients could make you more beautiful and healthier.

Biotique, Jain’s company, has donate profits to charitable organizations who help women and children in need.

Factory and Research and Development in Switzerland started the production of goods that are sold at a better price quality than those in India.

Get to know Vinita Jain, founder of Biotique

Biotique is a women-led and self-sufficient company that creates eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products. Vinita Jain, the founder of Biotique, has a passion for environmentalism and sustainability. Biotique’s mission is to promote healthy living by creating beautiful, environmentally friendly products that are also affordable.

Vinita Jain designed her company, Biotique, to share her love of nature and sustainable living with other women.

She creates eco-friendly products with natural materials and environmentally friendly solvents.

Biotechique products do not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, propylene glycol, DEA/TEA and formaldehyde.

The Biotique brand offers a variety of natural beauty products, ranging from facials to cleansers. For pet care, they offer plant-based options as well. The company was started by Vinita Jain, who wanted to create feminine products that are natural and don’t harm the environment.

How Vinita Jain empowers others as an Indian woman

Vinita Jain is a self-taught health and wellness expert who shares her knowledge on health and wellness through her YouTube channel, blog, and books.

In her book, Jain argues that health and wellness should be achievable for everyone, regardless of where they live or their social status.

The author emphasizes the importance of making lifestyle changes in order to live a healthy life. These changes may include staying away from substances and foods that could harm your body, eating a balanced diet and exercising more often.

The leadership style of Jain is inspiring. She uses determination to help others be healthy despite obstacles they face.

Vinita Jain’s inspiring success as a female entrepreneur

After realizing that many companies were using harsh chemicals, Jain started Biotique using only natural ingredients to produce products for skin and hair.

Biotique products contain moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.

The company sells more than beauty products. They sell other lifestyle items such as body wash and shampoo. Jain wants to provide natural, high quality products that are safe to use. The company offers more than just consultations–they also offer training courses.

Vinita Jain is an entrepreneur who focuses on selling luxury skincare products. As a woman in the beauty industry, Vinita has faced many challenges and obstacles.


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