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Jagadish Gattu is the CEO and founder of Uptime AI, is the founder and CEO of. He has seven years of experience working at GE managing the predictive maintenance products and working with clients like BP, Chevron, Dow Chemicals, SABIC, ROSNEFT. In the past, he had 8 years of experience with MathWorks in the field of industrial data analytics providing services that are used by US military, US Navy, NASA, Automotive, and energy firms. Holds 7 patents, B.Tech (ME) from IIT-Madras. MS (ME) at Michigan State University, and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

uptimeAI is committed to providing its clients a method of solving the problems or issues they encounter with the present solutions and knowledge the industry analytics market is developing and how be used to gain higher profits for industrial plants and operational quality.

An Overview of Industrial Size and Market Dynamics

According to Jagadish manufacturing is a huge sector that contributes about 10-15% of GDP, depending on the nation. If we look at the automotive and telecom sectors with manufacturing, they are likely to contribute around five to seven percent. Manufacturing is an industry that has been around for a long time as is every other industry. it is also looking to increase its profits, but at the same time , there are numerous obstacles, such as the ageing of machines. and many are decades old , yet remain in operation. Additionally, as operations becoming more complicated as well, technology is becoming more involved due to the addition of many information.

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Markets are also experiencing shifts in the demographics the workforce. Those who entered the manufacturing industry in the late 80s and early 90s are retiring. A younger and less skilled population is coming in to find innovative and newer solutions to keep the production process more secure.

Is the Indian Market Mature ?

The market’s dynamics are diversified across the globe with regards to the need for more complicated data, using outdated equipment. Therefore, a number of industries are choosing modern digital technologies. Then there’s the

Indian market isn’t the only one to be able to adapt to digital solutions because some of the countries like North America have started on this path earlier. However, the Indian market is growing rapidly because a wide range of industries are focusing on digitalization. In addition to certain industries that are always far ahead in India industries like power and energy, oil and gas and renewables cement FMCG foods and drinks are now catching up. And over the next five or 6 years India is expected to increase its growth and may even outdo other nations in the digital technology market in manufacturing.

The Key Factors Driving India’s growth

It is the energy that comes from mostly the raw materials, is converted into an output, ready to sell. A lot of the time, the inputs as well as outputs are regulated by the market itself, as in refineries, the cost of crude oil, gasoline or and diesel are mostly determined according to the markets. However, the process of changing the outputs efficiently is the reason for the rise in profits and operations are the most important element.

The components that are driving this improvement in the operations are:

  • Machines shouldn’t be able to fail without cause.
  • The efficiency of the machine must be very high i.e. it must be able of producing a greater output while requiring the least input

This will reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity due to the reduction in product variation. All of this contributes to higher profits in the company and are the main reasons to have digital solutions that can detect and correct the problems quicker.

Unique Solutions Offered By Uptime AI

It gives customers most appropriate solutions to their questions instead of providing complete tools for data analysis. It offers solutions via its AI Expert program that essentially assists the operation team solve the reliability issues or performance related issues in advance, and is four times more efficient to fix them and using the same amount of effort on the spectrum. The company is highly efficient in terms of automation when it comes to data analytics. It also comes with an in-built system approach to determining the cause and diagnosis , as well as built-in failure strategies and guidelines for many equipment, making it simple for engineers to identify and fix the issues.

Market Changes Due to The Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic the science of data and the knowledge that converts the your data into relevant data, both aspects have been more prominent. Because the workers were required to work remotely, even in the most heavy industries, these industries relied on data that has increased the importance of operations. There have been numerous explosions and leaks in power plants around the world and it makes everyone recognize the need to plan for the possibility of such a situation in the future.

Future Prospects of The Company

The company is the leading thought-leader in the industrial manufacturing industry. In the years, Uptime AI is going to become the catalyst to take manufacturing towards the top of efficiency. The company’s goal is to offer the virtual advisory or AI advisor to every manufacturing facility using its technology to centralize expertise and assist manufacturers resolve any problems related to failure, reliability, or performance problems faster and using less energy. It has customers from diverse sectors such as refining, power, renewables such as wind, solar and cement, from the geographic regions that span from North America to India


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