Ukraine nuclear plant standoff stirs Chernobyl memories


Kiev and Moscow both accuse the other of shelling the area. Rockets have hit an area for storage of radioactive waste as well as monitors have warned of the possibility of a “grave” incident with the potential for massive fallout

Anastasiya Rudenko holds the sparkling gold medal that her deceased partner Viktor has been awarded in recognition of his his work on Chernobyl. Chernobyl Nuclear disaster area.He passed away in 2014 of bladder cancer. It could be due to radiation, she believes. She is mourning his passing at his Ukrainian town of Vyschetarasivka located near the river, which is located across from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

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Kiev and Moscow both accuse one another of shelling the facility. Rockets have hit an area of storage for radioactive waste as well as monitors have warned of the possibility of a “grave” situation that could be a catalyst for massive fallout.

Along the 14-kilometre (nine-mile) section of Dnipro River, the station’s massive silhouette can be clearly seen from the town where Rudenko is in charge of paperwork to prove her partner’s pivotal part in the most significant nuclear disaster.

“We might suffer similar fate to the victims who died in Chernobyl,” the 63-year-old spoke to AFP. There’s nothing positive about the situation and we’re not sure what will happen.

Russia has taken Kyiv as it began its massive assault on Ukraine in February. It was creating safety concerns, but the site was abandoned after a few months after Moscow was unable to seize Kyiv.

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