Uber Riders in Delhi-NCR are able to Hire a Cab Using Chatbot on WhatsApp


WhatsApp users can make reservations for the Uber ride by sending a message at Uber’s corporate account’s number.

Uber announces that it’s launched, and expanded their partnership with WhatsApp that will permit users in Delhi NCR to book a taxi using a chatbot in WhatsApp, the instant messaging application. Customers will no longer need to download or utilize the Uber app to book the ride, and everything will be handled within WhatsApp’s WhatsApp Chat interface. The feature first came out as a trial at Lucknow on December 20, 2021 and is now being made available to a wider population.

Uber has announced that it had opened and expanded the WhatsApp to Ride (WA2R) product feature for customers who reside in Delhi NCR. Users who reside in one of Uber’s most popular cities worldwide, by volume, can now make use of WhatsApp to sign up for user registration for booking rides and receiving a trip receipt. There is no need to install Uber’s Uber app to do similar purposes. Users can pick between English as well as Hindi languages to book a taxi on WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp The Lucknow Pilot revealed that “the WA2R user base is smaller than that of the typical Uber app user with more than 50 percent being younger that 25. The percentage of 33 percent of inbounds from this pilot were from new users highlights the potential for an increase in new users via this collaboration.”

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How to reserve an Uber taxi via WhatsApp

  1. An existing or new user who is registered using only the number of their phone on Uber can reserve the ride through WhatsApp.
  2. You can message them “Hi” via Whatsapp to +917292000002 or use the Whatsapp app to send a message (Mobile phones only) you can scan the QR code.
  3. Users are asked to provide drop and pickup off places.
  4. Users will also be provided with prior to the time of purchase, information about the fare and driver’s estimated timing of arrival.
  5. Then they can confirm their journey.

Uber’s official chatbot for WhatsApp runs on Infobip and has been built using the WhatsApp Business Platform. In addition, the Meta-owned app states that customers will be provided with the same security features and insurance coverage like those who make reservations through their Uber App directly. They include the driver’s name license number of the vehicle as well as the capability to monitor the exact location of the driver on his way to the pick-up point and the ability to talk to the driver in private using an anonymous number.

“The WhatsApp chat flow will provide the rider with safety rules, and ways to contact Uber in case of emergency (type assistance on the way to your destination). If the user chooses emergency while during their trip they will receive an inbound phone call from Uber’s customer service team. Uber customers are also able to access the safety line number that they can call, should they need to for up to 30 minutes after the trip is over. This video will explain the WA2R process when making an Uber taxi,” Uber said.

The ride-hailing company also stated that any future versions of WA2R will allow users who use their Uber app to make reservations via WhatsApp.

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