This Seattle company is looking to help people to be able to assist in combating climate changes.


In the past, Brian Ringer was located in the Canadian Rockies with his family. This was the moment he realized his kids would not have the same experience once they grew older due to the climate change.

“Unless something radical changed, we were looking at irreversible changes to the planet,” Ringer declared. “It was the right time to put aside the concern about climate change, and stop watching off from the sand. It is time to act and become direct involvement.”

Ringer who was an ex-executive at Napster and RealNetworks Ringer is now the director of GetGreen GetGreen, a new Seattle startup that is aimed at companies and customers who wish to fight the effects of climate change. Ringer co-founded the company in 2020 along with his former co-worker and Microsoft veteran Jed Stafford.

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“We felt from the beginning that there are a lot of people, including leaders in business and community organizations, who want to do more for the environment but don’t know where to start,” Ringer stated.

GetGreen’s application offers environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday habits products, services, and other items. Users can monitor the progress made by getting”green “leaves” — each equals 10 pounds of carbon emissions — following having completed climate-friendly actions.

GetGreen assists companies and organizations by providing a bespoke set of sustainable challenges for employees both at work and at home. In-app games provide possibilities for competition and collaboration as well as progress that is visible to customers and partners. Companies can use emissions reduced “leaves” to support company initiatives. Monthly charges begin at $250 and be as high as several thousand dollars, based on the business’s size as well as the degree of customization.

In the spring of this season, GetGreen conducted a trial program for students from The University of Washington where they could finance sustainability initiatives on campus by using those”green “leaves” they earned. Within two weeks, every student took approximately 30 steps, helping less than 10 tons of CO2 emissions.

The company has launched GetGreen+, a premium level of the app that permits users to redeem “leaves” toward a chosen carbon removal project that has been certified for a monthly fee of $5.

According to Ringer the company, it assists users in sustainability initiatives and create sustainable habits that are different from similar apps that track only carbon footprints.

Ringer stated that he would have liked to have had started the business earlier, but the public support for climate change over the last few years have allowed it to increase its growth.

“We’re not looking to change minds, we’re providing a way for people to do what they already decided they want to do,” Ringer stated.

The company, which has a staff of 10, is seeking a pre-seed funding round. It has already received funding by Grid Catalyst, a Minnesota-based clean energy accelerator, as well as Seattle-based angel investors.

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