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The concept of leadership has experienced changes throughout the years. Leaders today aren’t only executives or senior managers on level CXO level. Leadership talent is everywhere in an organization. People, particularly in the entrepreneurial world will be expected to become leaders regardless of their level of experience, age or job. This is why it is essential that organizations nurture young leaders who are able to inspire innovation and increase productivity.

This is the goal NWORX is, an Indian B2B HRtech company will achieve through its professional and leadership development application. In 2020, the company was founded with Shwetal Shubhadeep (COO) and Hariraj Vijayakumar (CEO), the company offers an B2B SaaS platform that helps businesses to improve efficiency of managers and team members by helping establish goals, prioritize milestones and plan for crucial management actions.

After quitting their jobs at work in the year 2017 Shwetal and Hariraj tried out various HR models up to 2020 before launching the NWORX platform that is accessible online and also as a mobile application on both Android and iOS.

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“We set out to create an application that could help leaders improve their to perform every day, not only once per quarter, and not even once a year in an off-site facility and not every six months, in an appraisal however, every day. As more leadership teams we can build and develop, the more impact we have across the entire ecosystem, enhancing efficiency, innovation and overall effectiveness,” says Shwetal, in a chat on Economic pitch

Shwetal with over two years of experience in the field of leadership has helped leaders of both small and large companies to improve their leadership skills. Shwetal has worked alongside mid-level and first-line executives, leaders of senior levels and C-suite executives in large multinational corporations, startupsas well as individual entrepreneurs. So she’s always been privy to the ever-changing nature of leadership abilities. According to her, this has helped her refine her NWORX program.

How NWORX operates

NWORX’s leadership and performance enhancement platform helps managers to improve their leadership effectiveness by prioritising and preparation.

According to Shwetal According to Shwetal, the majority of approaches to leadership development requires the employee or manager to leave work and participate in a simulation, like workshops or a training program. However, she saysthat NWORX is a different approach. NWORX platform is integrated into the employees’ or managers’ daily workflow and assists them in preparing for the most important leadership roles in the workplace.

Employers and managers can utilize the app to set priorities for important milestones throughout the week and plan for them. Managers who are new to the job can establish quarterly goals for direct reports and create alignment with the objectives, and receive a shrewd guidance from NWORX.

Managers are also able to create their own leadership plans in accordance with their area of interest.

Based on sector, the organisation and level of leadership It provides advice on objectives that are crucial and what kind of efforts managers can make to be more efficient and effective.

Shwetal claims that managers feel more empowered due to the app provides them with on-demand assistance. As time passes, this leads towards confidence and confidence for their leaders.

NWORX allows organizations to examine employees’ crucial professional and leadership skills like the capacity to influence or give feedback.

The HRtech startup’s clients include multinational corporations, large companies and start-ups across India, Europe, and Africa. The majority of the users of NWORX are first-line or mid-level managers from large corporations and individuals contributing to startups across India, Europe, and Africa.

Leadership in the new global environment

Shwetal states that although it is crucial for leaders to be experts in the areas they do, organizations require leaders who are able to be spread across different areas within the company to ensure the highest standards. Small and large companies alike are aware of this, she says. Both leadership skills are viewed similarly. They appreciate talent, wish to create a pool of fungible talent as well as being open exploring.

But the main distinction between large companies as well as startups lies in the fact that they are always in an era of speed, according to Shwetal. “They require their employees to be extremely aggressive when looking at results. MNCs are prepared to offer an extra bit of rope to individuals (leaders) to accomplish their objectives. This doesn’t indicate the patient or indifference of the organizational culture and is a result of the stage of growth that businesses are currently in.”

Next steps

The company currently has 25 employees. The team includes engagement facilitators, managers instructors, instructional designers, coaches and learning architects.

It is on the verge of being fully bootstrapped and its founders are currently in discussions with investors regarding Pre-Series-A capital. The company plans to launch into the US market in the near future in order to tap into the large technology market for enterprise.

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