This company offers super healthy snacks at the cost of Lay’s Kurkure


  • Millets, which are a humble food item, are known as a superfood due to their protein-rich content fiber, minerals iron, calcium, and iron as well as low glycemic index.
  • Millets can also be able of enduring weather changes.
  • According to the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare the millet production has grown by 14.52 million tons in the year 2015-16 up and to 17.96 million tonnes by 2020-21.
  • In the midst of this trend the snacking business in India Troogood is hoping to become the engine of India’s millet requirements and to make nutritious foods affordable.

The snacking industry in India, that provides a wide range of snacks fried at low prices has put its consumers’ health at risk.
A millet snacking business that is home-grown Troogood is aiming to help the capital city of diabetes in the world, India, to change its eating habits and to become more mindful of their health.

In contrast to other healthful foods they are determined to make their products available to the Indian largesse with their low-cost products. Trogood sells millet parathas peanut chikkis and millet chikki with the same prices similar to Lay’s, Kurkure and Balaji. Millets tick all the boxes in terms of price, taste, and nutritional value.

“In the Rs5 range of products they are mostly snack foods that are oily or junk. “Millets are gluten-free and contain a low glycemic index. If you consume the millets, they’ll make you feel hungry and are not hungry for 6-8 hours. They are also rich in calcium, protein and magnesium fiber.” Raju Bhupati, founder and CEO of Troogood said to Business Insider India.

The company was founded in the year 2019 with the intention of selling 1,000 items every day. In just three years, they’re selling around 2 million items every day. Of this more than 1.5 lakh chikkis are purchased by women who are pregnant.

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Many schools in the Andhra Pradesh government provide Troogood’s millet chikkis for children for breakfast. It hopes to feed 100 million children across the world.

Why are millets referred to for their superfood status?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare the manufacturing of millets grown to 14.5 millions tonnes during 2015-16 to an estimated 18 million tonnes by 2020-21. Millets are poised to become the star of India’s industry of commodities.

According to Bhupati More than 4 billion people eat rice and wheat around the world. These grains are more popular than millets in terms of consumption, however in terms of nutrition, millets surpass common commodities.

“Millets are weather-resistant. They grow in the toughest conditions. Millets are also chemical-free. In addition, to grow the crops of maize and rice they require around 4000 litres of water consumed, whereas millet uses about 1/4 of the water use,” said Bhupati.

It is reported that the Indian state government is declaring 2023 to be an International Year of Millets. Following a small push from both the state and central government and all Indian states have begun accepting millets in food menus for their people.

“If you take a look at consumption patterns of middle-class people millets are taking about 20-35% of the daily food. It is slowly developing,” said Bhupati.

Since COVID-19’s release, urban consumers are becoming more conscious of their health and are embracing millets. Due to this increasing popularity, Bhupati is optimistic that millets will be a major component of the snacking industry.

“In the next two up to 5 years, milllets are expected to be able to take about 15-20% of the pie in the snack pie,” he said.

As per the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, India exports about 20 percent of all the millets in the world and Bhupati believes that this figure will increase tenfold over the next three years.

In line with this worldwide trend of healthy snacks, Troogood also wants to be the mainstay of the millet snacks around the world.

“We process between 700 and 1000 tons of millets. We are hoping to be the leader in this category specifically in the area of millets. We would like to be an international market leader in the next three years,” Bhupati added. Bhupati.

Troogood is currently exporting its goods to UAE and plans to cast its net to encompass Europe, Australia and other Gulf countries in the coming years.

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