The journey from losing legs and gaining a new world record for cycling, of Ablu Rajesh Kumar


Ablu Rajesh Kumar was only 13 years old when he was involved in the accident that occurred near the Amritsar railway station. The reckless choice to cross the tracks for fear of not being able to catch the train ended up costing him both legs and altered his life for the rest of his life.

“I was unconscious for more than 18 hours because of the accident. Doctors told me that I’d only be able walk on crutches or live all my life in the wheel. I experienced a lot of discomfort at first and had tried a variety of prosthetics. However, I resolved to make my weakness my strength , and not let my accident stop me from living life the way I want to.” Ablu recalls.

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Although losing legs at this early age presented a challenge to Ablu but it also helped make his mental strength stronger. Ablu decided to not let go of his dreams and continued to pursue his passion to dance with the aid with prosthetic legs.

In the past, the 25-year-old native of Amritsar has gone through a lot. It is choreographer, dancer as well as content creator. He is also an avid cyclist.

On August 15th, during the celebration of Azadi the festival of Amrit Mahotsav, Ablu cycled for one km while waving the Indian National Flag and set records, showing that Ablu’s achievements were greater than limitations.

Never giving up the hope

Dancing was always Ablu’s love of life. In the aftermath of his crash, he has never given up the idea of pursuing his love of dancing.

At first, Ablu got prosthetic legs, and he trained his body. He then learned to dance once more. He began practicing through watching dance reality shows and later enrolled in one of the dance schools in Amritsar to improve his dance skills.

Through determination, Ablu became a choreographer and began uploading his video clips. Then, it wasn’t long before Ablu became famous and began encouraging people to pursue their passions.

“My teacher of dance Preeti taught me various dance styles. In the end, I started uploading my videos on Moj and my videos became viral and were able to be seen by millions of people in India. It was a satisfying moment for me since I was able inspire people to never stop working on their goals and show that nothing is unattainable.”

“Many people approach me and tell me they saw my videos on Moj and that I inspire them to always be hopeful and make the best of any situation,” Ablu says. Ablu.

Drawing for inspiration

Ablu says that his father was an immense influence on his. As a child with him, watching him bike and keep fit was inspiring and motivated Ablu to follow in his footsteps.

But, due to the condition of his body, it seemed difficult at first, but the cyclist continued to train until he was at ease.

“I have to say that the achievement of a seemingly impossible goal gives you an incredible satisfaction. Cycling became my passion quickly. Through consistent training and persistence, I started to enjoy it as equally as dancing.”

Recently, the specially-abled achievrator cycled for one mile while holding the Indian National Flag during the 75 anniversary of Independence Day. The feat earned him a spot in the famous International Book of Records for ‘ the longest distance that can be covered by a cyclist using prosthetic legs and the Indian flag’.

Ablu states, “Initially, even walking with prosthetics was a challenge not even cycling or even dancing. But today, I can run, dance walking, walk and even cycle. I was prepared to work hard however I just needed help in planning that Moj offered along with being my cheerleader throughout the experience. Once I was fully prepared I set off to break the record not just to commemorate the freedom of our country as well as to be grateful for my freedom from the anxiety of being disabled.”

Sharing positive energy

“I provide training to children with disabilities in the nearby regions for free. Sessions are generally scheduled between 5-7 in the evening. around 10-15 students attend my classes. I am thrilled to see that the academy is gaining popularity and being recognized by many more citizens within the city. I’m also planning to start an own studio for dance which I would like to instruct the next generation of dance enthusiasts,” Ablu shares.

He is currently training to set a record by running 10 kilometers on prosthetic legs. Once he’s more proficient the next time, he hopes to climb Mt. Everest.

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