Tesla will be a part of US Agency Probe Into Two crashes that killed motorcyclists


In June the NHTSA released data that showed more than 400 crashes were reported during 10 months, with 273 that involved Teslas.

Two collisions involving Teslas operating on Autopilot are attracting scrutiny from federal regulators. They suggest a risk to U.S. freeways: The partially automated vehicles might not be able to stop for motorcycles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent investigators to two accidents last month , in which Teslas were involved in collisions with motorcycles in freeways in dark. Both fatalities occurred.

The agency suspects Tesla’s partially automated driver-assist system was used for each. The agency claims that once it has more data it could include the incidents in a wider investigation into Teslas striking emergency vehicles that were parked on freeways. NHTSA is also investigating more than 500 complaints that Teslas are able to stop without cause.

The crash that involved motorcyclists occurred in the early hours of the time of 4:47 a.m. the 7th of July, on State Route 91, a freeway located in Riverside, California. An black Tesla Model Y SUV was moving east on the lanes with high vehicle occupancy. There was in front of it the driver of an orange Yamaha V-Star motorcycle according to police from the California Highway Patrol said in an announcement.

At an opportune moment, the two vehicles collided and the motorcyclist, who was not identified, was removed from the Yamaha. The motorcyclist was declared dead on the spot at the hands of police. Fire Department.

If the Tesla was running using Autopilot is still under an investigation according to a CHP spokesperson said.

The second accident occurred around 1:19 a.m. on July 24,, on Interstate 15 in Draper, Utah. The Tesla Model 3 sedan was next to an Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was also in the HOV lane. “The Tesla’s driver Tesla did not notice the motorcyclist and slammed into the rear of the motorcycle. This caused the rider to fall off his bike” officials from the Utah Department of Public Safety stated in a statement they prepared.

The driver who was identified by the name of Landon Embry, 34, from Orem, Utah, died on the spot. The Tesla driver informed authorities that the car’s Autopilot setting switched on the vehicle, according to the statement.

Michael Brooks, acting executive director of the non-profit Center for Auto Safety, demanded NHTSA to take action and recall Tesla’s Autopilot since it’s not acknowledging motorcycles, emergency vehicles or pedestrians.

“It’s quite clear for me and is likely to be to the majority of Tesla owners that this system isn’t functioning correctly and isn’t capable of meeting the expectations. It’s placing innocent people in danger when driving,” Brooks said.

Since the year 2016, NHTSA has sent teams to 39 accidents where autonomous driving devices are believed to be used, as per documents of the agency. Of the 39 crashes thirty of them involved Teslas and included crashes that resulted in 19 deaths.

Brooks criticizes authorities for having to conduct investigations but not taking actions. “What do they really doing when these crashes continue to happen?” He asked. “Drivers are being enticed to believe that this will protect them as well as other drivers and it’s wrong.”

Musk has removed radar from his system and is now relying solely on computers and cameras. Brooks as well as other safety advocates argue that the absence of radar is detrimental to vision in the dark.

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The messages were left requesting comments from Tesla the company, which has been able to disband the media relations division.

Tesla has declared it is true that Autopilot or “Full Self-Driving” are not able to drive themselves and that drivers must be prepared to respond at any time.

in a interview with the media on June the new NHTSA Director Steven Cliff said the agency is stepping up efforts to better understand the risks presented by automated vehicles, so that it can make decisions on what regulations might be required to safeguard drivers, passengers and pedestrians. There aren’t any federal regulations that specifically address autonomous vehicles or those that have partially automated driver assistance systems like Autopilot.

The agency further states that the technology has great potential in reducing crashes caused by traffic.

NHTSA also has issued an order to all tech and automakers equipped with autopilot systems that report any crashes. The agency published its first set of information in the month of June, which showed that more than 400 crashes were recorded over a period of 10 months which included 273 of them with Teslas. However, it warned against making comparisons and said that Tesla’s telematics permit it to collect information in real-time and much more quickly than other companies.

Tesla’s Autopilot maintains cars in their lane , and an appropriate distance from other vehicles. The company is also employing select owners to test “Full Auto-Driving” software that is developed to complete a path independently, with no the supervision of a human. In the end, Tesla CEO Elon Musk states that the cars will operate independently, which will enable an autonomous fleet of robotaxis that can boost Tesla’s profits. In the year 2019 Musk has stated that he will launch the robot taxis by 2020.

He told the annual shareholders’ meeting the previous day the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting that “Full Self-Driving” has been greatly improved and he plans to release the software before the close of the year for any owner who requests it.

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