Ten startups that improve our relationships, friendships, and social connections


Technology innovation is increasingly impacting our relationships. It can help us find that special someone, foster new friendships, or bring back harmony when things get difficult.

Are you tired of Tinder? There are many other options. You could even have others assist you in the matching process by using social videos. An app that allows you to match your music tastes with a partner. Apps are helping to break down taboos and barriers in the world of relationships. They place importance on connecting people in a world that can sometimes feel so disconnected and fragmented.

Here are 10 European startups that can help us feel more connected and lighten the sparks in our relationships.

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Sparks Are you already in a relationship and want to keep the spark alive? Sparks, a Barcelona-based company, can help you with that. Ankit Nayal was the founder and CEO of Sparks. He has lived in five countries including China, the Far East, the USA, and the West. He noticed that while there were many apps available to help him find a partner in these different countries, they did not offer anything to improve his relationship. There were very few apps that could add value to a relationship once it had begun. In 2021, he created an app that did exactly this. Sparks – The Relationships App was created to allow users to make “experience decisions” about their relationship. It includes movies, recipes and bars as well as events, vacations, and other information. After a summer of raising EUR40k, the app will launch in autumn.

Lapse –London’s startup Lapse is launching a venture to create the next generation in private social networking. The app was launched on an invitation-only basis in September 2021. It has seen rapid growth since then, acquiring EUR9.7 millions the next December. Lapse was founded by Ben and Dan Silvertown. It allows friends to share photos in group chats. Lapse allows users to create private chat groups with their friends. Each group has a “roll”, which is 36 photos. This makes sharing more about the experience than just likes.

Linkup Manchester-based LinkUp is attempting to change socializing in digital age. Using tech to enhance social connection instead of detracting from it, LinkUp aims to end the growing loneliness crisis. Linkup was founded by Jack Peagam, Ben Whatson and encourages users not to use their smartphones, but to connect with like-minded people and be present in the moment. Linkup is a platform that allows anyone to meet in person, with any type of person. It can help you make friends, find fellow hobbyists, or simply go out for a beer with someone close. After attracting attention from many early investors, the app will launch later in the year. In July, a EUR530k funding was made. Callum Airey, Calfreezy and Krept are also among the investors.

The Tastebuds: With music lovers in mind founders Alex Parish & Julian Keenaghan created an app that connects people based on their musical interests. You can also exchange songs on the social discovery platform. The spark that ignites a lifetime of friendship might be found in a shared love for pop, metal or rock concerts. This app is for music lovers who are looking for a partner to attend shows with. It’s not about creating relationships, but building them. Tastebuds, a London-based music streaming company, has received pre-seed funding of approximately EUR600K.

F3 is Riga-based HTML3 that is a social app for Generation Z. It aims to encourage this younger generation to communicate openly, honestly and honestly. The app allows users to send photos, videos, and questions to each other and then respond in a personalized, media-rich format. F3 was launched in 2018 and has been used by over 25 million people. Every day, tens to thousands of new members join the community. F3 allows visually appealing, entertaining communication. Anonymity encourages more honest and in-depth contact. The team was EUR3.2 Million in 2020.

Freeq – Freeq was founded in 2020 and is a safe technology platform for LGBTQ+ communities. The platform hosts virtual events to help people make connections and meet new people. The platform was created in the early days after the pandemic to provide LGBTQ+, body-positive and sex-positive people with a safe, fun, and secure online space for them to connect. This helped to alleviate the social isolation many felt.

The Sauce Having received funding of EUR1.7 million, the Sauce gives your dating experience an extra kick. This dating app is designed to make online dating more fun and to bring personality to the process. The app allows users to chat, watch short videos, and date via video. The app was launched in 2020 and is VC-backed. ” sauce users can expect Instagram reels, stories, and playful videos often filmed by someone’ s mate, which allows members to get to understand their match before they’ have even sent their first like,” shares co-founder Sachin Karia.

HER: HER, the most popular dating app, connects all women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people. HER isn’t just for women, despite its name. It is open to cisgenders and non-binary folks too. It is about providing a safe place for people to meet and form new relationships. It also hosts news platforms, group chats, and events. It has offices in London, and has raised EUR2,000,000 to date. HER has 14 investors, including Dreamcraft Ventures and Y Combinator.

FeeldFeeld caters to singles and couples, allowing them to have fun with dating – regardless of whether they are looking to try something new or stay together. After being together for two years, Dimo and Ana decided to create it. The app, which is based in London, was launched in 2014. It is currently on a mission of opening up human connection by normalising sexual desire and catering to more than 20 different gender identities. The app has received more than EUR500K in funding. It also reports that the app receives over 30,000,000 messages each month.

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