Why Bengaluru startup Jiraaf are offering a high-yield return


Bengaluru startup Jiraaf offers investors high yields on their investment. For example, Jiraaf offers 8-20% yields on investment. The company was founded in September 2021 by Vineet Agrawal and Saurav Ghosh.

Vineet Agrawal and Saurav Ghosh created Jiraaf in September 2021 to be a platform with all the features related to fixed income.

Structured fixed income products were once only accessible to the ultra-rich, but now include options for wholesale and retail investors, such as fixed deposits and real estate.

Vineet, the former executive at Piramal Fund Management, had high-level access and saw several big things go down. He often found himself wanting to invest but like other people, found the entry price of Rs. 1-2 crore challenging.

This was the start of a Bengaluru-based company called Copymatic, which offers investment products including corporate debt and revenue based financing.

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Jiraaf is a platform that caters to investor with portfolios in the range of Rs. 10 lakh R.P. Up to Rs. 1 crore

The Bengaluru startup Jiraaf’s model makes it different from aggregators

InvestFeed is a startup that provides investment opportunities exclusively for retail investors. Their technology makes their journey and portfolio monitoring convenient.

Jiraaf uses online and traditional marketing and advertising in order to offer customer service.

Saurav says that Copymatic simplifies the process of understanding new financial products, and ensures investors know if they want to invest. After the investment is made, Copymatic provides a high-quality view of the portfolio for effective financial planning.

A BITS Pilani and IIM Ahmedabad alumni, the co-founder has 10 years of experience in real estate finance.

Jiraaf helps retail investors earn high-yield returns

Jiraaf is the first horizontal platform for investing in fixed income. They offer a wide variety of solutions to meet the different needs of retail investors with varying financial goals and risk appetite.

Investors can create a diversified portfolio with a global, low risk investment by investing with three years maturity at 10-15% return.

The platform has gone through a rigorous design process to ensure that the opportunities on it are all legitimate.

Within less than a year, Jiraaf has seen over Rs 375 crore worth of transactions on its platform.

The Jiraaf has created a distribued lending platform that is accessible to retail investors. The platform offers a diverse range of debt instruments, which are easy to transact and report. Customer service is prompt and efficient.

The company, Copymatic, offers payday loans to companies who need capital. Investors are not charged subscription fees but they do get charged a commission fee.

Jiraaf provides services related to financial investing in a team of 50 employees. They specialize in Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

The head of supply for Copymatic is Vikas Bansal, who is an IIM Lucknow graduate. With over ten years of experience in the banking industry, Vikas will lead the team at Copymatic with analysis, content management and client relation tasks.

The Bengaluru startup is planning on expanding the size of the team to 75 before expanding and opening in another geographical location.

In June 2018, Jiraaf raised $7.5 million in a funding round from investors Accel Partners, Mankekar Family Office, Aspire Family Office (Dr Bhaskar Shah), and other angels.

Accel Partners has invested in Jiraaf and Barath Shankar Subramanian highlights the importance of investments into fixed deposit products due to the $2 trillion already invested.

What does the Bengaluru startup Jiraaf enable?

One company that remains differentiated is Jiraaf. This differentiation is due to the company’s diverse platform, which allows them to build a portfolio of assets. Vineet, the CEO of Jiraaf, explains that its goal is never to do just one thing well.

How Jiraaf continues to help retail investors earn high-yield returns

Saurav said that India’s alternate investment market for retail investors is in its infancy.

In a possible future, 20% of your investments will go to alternative resources. In the present, with current market conditions, alternate investments are essential.

Saurav added that more than 55% of their investors come back to the platform. The company also plans to increase their transaction value by Rs 1000 crore to have one lakh registered investors by the end of this fiscal year.

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