Startup for Mobility Dandera Ventures to onboard Bollywood actor Sonu Sood as its brand ambassador


Innovative startup for sustainable mobility Dandera Ventures has onboarded Bollywood actor and model, philanthropist and human rights activist Sonu Sood as its brand spokesperson for its upcoming collection that includes commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs).

In the last few days, Dandera announcedthat it will launch its first commercial electric vehicle in September.

Through this partnership, Sonu Sood will support Dandera in promoting the cause of and promoting green mobility. It will as well, communicate Dandera’s values, and the advantages and features to Dandera’s customers as well as various other parties, the company announced.

“Sonu and Dandera as a brand both believe in doing good for the people around us, and in protecting our planet for the future generations,” said Kshitij Bajaj Cofounder and the CEO at Dandera Ventures. “All of us at Dandera have long admired his untiring humanitarian efforts and we are confident that like Sonu, Dandera as a brand will soon become synonymous with qualities like conviction and reliability.”

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Dandera stated that Dandera said the EV will target last mile delivery companies as well as independent delivery companies.

The association’s spokesperson, Sonu Sood, stated, “Dandera as a young company has impressed me with their visionary approach to protecting our planet through their innovations in sustainable mobility, supported by their solid roadmap for product as well as their strategy and execution skills. I am happy to support their mission and believe that we can bring about a significant change in safeguarding our planet and making smiling faces on customers at Dandera”.

Kanav Manchanda, Cofounder & COO of Dandera Ventures said, “We believe that Sonu’s endorsement will be a significant step in making Dandera as the leading commercial electric vehicle manufacturer that is the preferred choice for millions of drivers and owners within the next few years. We’re equally thrilled to ensure that we align our business and growth strategy with the Prime Secretary Narendra Modi’s vision to “Make in India with the rest of the world in mind’.”

Established by industry experts Kanav Manchanda Kshitij Bajajand Sarth Jain. In contrast to other EV companies that procure drivetrain components or batteries from outside the country, Dandera claims it has created and developed the core drivetrain and battery systems entirely within its own.

The company employs over 50 employees within its R&D division, which is located in Pune It said.

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