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The company that provides travel technology Nezasa has bought TripYeah to incorporate its technology to optimize flight routes in its range of travel management solutions businesses. Through the acquisition, Nezasa introduces a brand new starter option to its product line and expands its presence internationally in Latin America.

The TripYeah product named TripOptimizer and will play an important role in the portfolio of products offered by the company. The capabilities of the product will not only enhance TripBuilder more efficient, particularly when it comes to flight planning however, it will become the main product within the suite. It is simple and quick to implement and allows travel companies to benefit from advanced routing optimization algorithms that are in addition to current booking platforms.

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Technology behind TripYeah optimizes complicated flight routes within a matter of minutes. It does this by checking every option based on current availability, and then optimizes the routes based on the duration, cost along with the number of stops along with CO2 emissions. This quick and efficient process allows travelers to reply to customer queries much more quickly than they currently. This leads to more conversion rates for agents as well as cheaper, more durable and efficient travel plans for travellers.

Nezasa’s primary product is TripBuilder the first functional business-grade SaaS solution that can handle the enormous complexity of creating the connected trip. In conjunction, Nezasa and TripYeah serve clients across the globe like European tour operators bigwigs TUI Group and FTI, as well as GoWay as well as Grupo Gea within the Americas. As part of the agreement, TripYeah co-founders Elias Musalem, Fernando Ordonez and Miguel Rodriguez will join Nezasa in the senior management positions. The rest of the TripYeah employees will be joining in the Nezasa business.

Manuel Hilty, chief executive of Nezasa stated: “Our vision for Nezasa from the beginning has been to improve and develop our products and services so that we can best serve our customers. The TripYeah value proposition and the technology naturally align with Nezasa’s business model and will aid us in accelerating this process and increase value quicker. TripYeah has tackled the difficult issue of optimizing routes with a smart and efficient manner. We are also pleased to accept Elias, Fernando, Miguel and TripYeah employees to our team. They will aid us in scaling up our technology innovation and expansion. Not to mention having an operating base located in Chile will enable us to be closer to Latin American market and accelerate the global expansion of our business.”

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