Seattle startup Falkon is a Seattle-based startup that makes use of AI to make sales and marketing decisions raises $16 million


The latest news: Falkon, a Seattle-based company for sales and marketing analytics startup has raised $16 million.

The technology: Falkon uses API connections to access information from all the top go-to market data sources, including Salesforce, Outreach and Google Analytics as well as other. The co-founder of the company and its CEO Mona Akmal told GeekWire that the company is able to connect to data warehouses for customers such as Amazon Redshift and Microsoft’s Azure. It uses the information to make data-driven suggestions for marketing and sales teams by using AI.

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This team This company was established in the last quarter of 2019 by three veteran tech experts. Akmal was a 12 year Microsoft executive who was most recently the head of product at Seattle start-up Amperity. She was also a senior engineer at as well as Zulily. The co-founders include Aakash Kambuj who was a former Microsoft engineering manager who worked for six years working at Dropbox and Josh Zana, an experienced employee of Dropbox, Amazon and Microsoft. The company has a total of 20 employees, and plans to make use of some of the funds to increase the number of employees to a total of 30 at the close in the current year.

The clients: The startup currently has 15 customers, and plans to utilize some of its funds to expand. Costs range from zero to $100,000, based on the products a client buys and how big their staff as well as the their book of business.

The competitors:Falkon’s biggest competitors are internal Salesforce and Tableau reports. “We think that barely scratches the surface of what data can do,” Akmal spoke about the competitors. “The real power of data resides in making daily actionable insights available to front-line teams and automating their workflows.”

The investors: This round was directed by OMERS Ventures, with participation from Greylock Partners, Trilogy Financial, Flying Fish and Madera Partners. The company has raised $20 million since its inception. The startup did not release its current value.

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