Ratan Tata Returns Eldercare Startup Goodfellows


The founder of the company Shantanu Naidu said, “GoodFellows intends to grow across the nation, but prefers to take it slow without compromising high-end partners it employs.”

“Goodfellows” is a company that employs educated graduates until 30 to help seniors in completing their day-to-day tasks or simply speaking to them.

Prior to establishing Goodfellows Naidu also set the foundations of Motopaws as well as On Your Sparks, as according to his LinkedIn profile.

The eldercare startup Goodfellows has raised an undetermined amount of money from a veteran Investor Ratan Tata.

According to the report of PTI, Tata said, “No one is averse to getting older until you’re actually old.

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It was founded by Shantanu Naidu who currently works as a general manager at RNT, Tata Group, Goodfellows is a social network that connects generations of seniors. It recruits college graduates from the age of 30 to help elderly people with performing their everyday tasks or simply chatting with them.

Naidu added, “Goodfellows wants to scale up across the country , but prefers to do it slowly without sacrificing the quality of its companions it employs.”

Naidu has an MBA graduate of Cornell University. Prior to establishing Goodfellows the company, he developed technology-based anti-poaching devices as well as tech-enabled dog collars, which led to the creation of the startup Motopaws and the counselling platforms On Your Sparks, as according to the profile on his LinkedIn page. Motopaws was also supported by Ratan Tata in the initial phases.

Tata added, “You do not know how it feels to be lonely until you’ve spent the time by yourself, looking for friendship.”

At present, Goodfellows is in the beta phase , and has been involved with 20 elders over the past six months. The company is planning to extend its services to other Indian cities like Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru in the near future.

In the senior care segment It is likely to be battling with such companies as GetSetUp, 60Plus India and Alserv.

According to the census of 2011 figures, India has over 100 million old people. This number is expected to be growing by now. The report also estimated the elderly care industry in the US will grow to $5 Bn in 2011.

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