Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and head of the Commonwealth. She is the Queen of the UK and 15 other nations.

The first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, who would eventually become King George VI and Elizabeth

She was born in London. She received homeschooling privately. After her brother King Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, her father assumed the throne, making her the presumed successor.

Elizabeth has had a number of significant encounters throughout history, including a state visit to the Republic of Ireland and visits from or by five popes.

She has witnessed significant constitutional developments including the devolution of authority to Scotland and Wales and the UK’s exit from the European Union. She has also held a number of titles and decorations throughout her reign, including the Order of the Garter and the Order of Merit.

Elizabeth is the longest-reigning British monarch, having surpassed Queen Victoria on 9 September 2015. She is the world’s oldest reigning monarch as well as Britain’s longest-lived.

Facts about Queen Elizabeth:

Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for the longest period, has passed away. Here are a few interesting facts about her.

She celebrated two birthdays.

In accordance with a tradition that King George II started in 1748, ceremonial celebrations didn’t start until the second Saturday of June, even though Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926. Despite the fact that born in November, he decided to wait until the end of the year to celebrate his second birthday because the weather was bad for outside festivities.

  • She never went to school.

Kids who like to play indoors all day might find this appealing. However, the Queen did have private tutors who taught her French, law, and constitutional history. She has, however, frequently said that she missed going to school.

  • She was related to her late husband.

Because they were both the great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth is just 13 years old, it is said that she fell in love with the prince. The two was marry in November 1947. After the Second World War, the queen famously utilized ration coupons she had saved to purchase the fabric for her wedding gown.

  • She had her fashion designer.

Norman Hartnell 1901-1979, who worked on several royal family projects, was chosen to serve as the family’s official designer.

He is well known for designing Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown and coronation robes. The Queen reportedly choose the version of the clothing with floral emblems for each country ruled by the British out of Hartnell’s nine variants, according to Vogue UK.

  • One of the jewels in the crown is a diamond from India.

Many Indians feel strongly about the “Koh-i-Noor” diamond, which in Persian means “light of the world,” since they believe British colonialists took it from the king of Punjab. The 108-carat diamond, which is on display in the Tower of London, is a component of Queen Elizabeth II’s crown.

  • She was the longest-reigning monarch.

After her father, King George VI, passed away on February 6, 1952, Elizabeth ascended to the throne. She ruled for 70 years, which was longer than her grandmother Queen Victoria’s 63-year reign (1837–1901).

  • She doesn’t need a passport or driver’s license.

The Queen is not required to hold a British passport; they are granted in her name.

” The late Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales are the only members who do not have passports. She is the only individual in the UK who does not need a driver’s license.

  • She adores corgis.

Even dogs have bad days, but royal pets almost always have better days than average dogs. When her father acquired a corgi named Dookie in the 1930s, the Queen’s love affair with them officially began. But Susan was Elizabeth’s favorite; she could not bear to leave with her and her children were the reason the royal family had happy corgis for 8 decades.

  • She has been portrayed in over 200 films and TV series.

Queen Elizabeth II has starred in over 225 documentaries, fiction movies, and TV shows. Additionally, she received a BAFTA honor in 2013 “in appreciation of her extraordinary support of the cinema and television industries.

” The queen is seen in the image above from the Netflix series “The Crown,” which stars British actress Claire Foy.

  • She is not the richest person in Britain.

The “Sunday Times” calculated the queen’s net worth to be 370 million pounds (€426 million, $430 million), which includes her investments, jewelry, and two castles.

However, compared to many other British royals, such as the Duke of Westminster, whose net worth is about 10 billion pounds (€11.5 billion, $11.6 billion), the monarch’s wealth appears small.

The Queen also owns any whales, sturgeons, or porpoises residing within three miles of the British shore, as well as all unmarked swans living in any open bodies of water in England and Wales. Since they officially belong to the monarch, King Charles has now received all of them.


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