Prosecutors battle to catch up with an avalanche of fraud resulting from pandemics


In the time of the pandemic it was the U.S. government gave unemployment benefits to prisoners as well as the imaginary and the dead. The government paid funds to “farms” which were actually front yards. It also paid those who were in the federal government’s “Do Not Pay List.” It provided the loans to 342 people with names that read “N/A.”

When the corona virus shut down businesses and forced many of employment The federal government poured an influx of money for relief into programs designed to help those who were recently laid off and strengthening the economy. It includes $3.1 trillion that the former president Donald Trump approved in 2020 which was followed by the $1.9 trillion package that was signed into the law in 2021 by President Joe Biden

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But the money was accompanied by little strings attached and with no supervision. The resultwas one of the biggest frauds in American history that saw millions of dollars taken by a multitude of people including an amateur who boasted about his criminal activities on YouTube.
Prosecutors are currently looking to make up for lost time.

There are at present 500 individuals involved in pandemic-fraud investigations within office of the 21 inspectors general and detectives working for the FBI and The Secret Service, the Postal Inspection Service and the IRS.

It is the federal government that has accused 1,500 of defrauding the pandemic-aid program and over 45 people have been found guilty to date. However, these figures are insignificant compared to the mountains of tips as well as leads investigators need to pursue.

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