Postpone the release of iPadOS 16 Update by About 1 Month; iOS 16 and watchOS 9 to be released in September ,Apple said


iPadOS has received criticism in beta testing by developers as well as users due to glitches, difficult interface and a incompatibility with many iPads.

Apple anticipates delaying the most forthcoming iPad version by around 1 month, but it has taken the unusual move of not releasing the update simultaneously with the brand new iPhone software, as per people who are aware of the issue.

In the past few years the tech giant has been releasing significant iPad as well as iPhone Software updates for both devices, referred to by the names iPadOS and iOS and iOS, at simultaneously in the month of September. This time, Apple plans to put out iOS 16 in the normal timeframe however, it will not be launching iOS 16.2 till October according to the individuals, who requested not to be identified as the discussion is private.

The software’s delay is at least partially to an ambitious attempt to upgrade the iPad’s multitasking capabilities. The latest update comes with an option called Stage Manager that lets users manage multiple tasks simultaneously as well as resize windows, and move between different groups of applications.

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In the course of tests in beta the system has faced criticism from some developers as well as users for bugs, its complicated interface, and the inability to work with all iPads. A delay in the release dates will allow Apple to allocate more engineers into the process of completing iOS 16, the software update that will be included on iPhone 14 in September. iPhone 14 in September.

The update will also make iPadOS 16 release closer to the introduction of the an updated iPad hardware. The company is working on an new iPad Pro equipped with an M2 chip and a smaller entry-level iPad with a USB-C connection, Bloomberg has reported.

An Apple spokesperson declined to discuss the plans, but they could be altered depending on how the Cupertino company, based in California, moves closer to its autumn product launch.

Even prior to the time-frame, software updates are a bit behind time this year and the public beta version of the updates beginning earlier than normal. However, the company has had to deal with similar issues before. Apple had to face significant issues when it launched iOS 13, released in the year 2019 that impacted the launch of iPhone 11, leading Apple to alter how it handles updates to software.

The Mac will get similar stage Manager feature that is it is available in macOS Ventura, but that version of the system is more secluded from controversy. This Mac update is set to release in October, which is the same time that Apple generally releases major Mac software updates. Also, watchOS 9.0 which is the latest version of the Apple Watch software, is scheduled for release in September, along with an iPhone update.

It also includes a new lock screen. iPadOS 16 update also includes new features like an in-built weather application enhanced capabilities for displays from outside as well as new controls that resemble Macs for productivity applications. This iOS 16 update, meanwhile comes with a revamped security screen for locking, as well as the capability to retract messages from iMessage and a revamped Home app to control devices.

Apple has previously stated that a number of features scheduled to be added for iPadOS 16 and iOS 16 will not arrive in their first versions. It includes a feature called Live Activities, which lets apps such as Uber to pin the status of a pickup in the phone’s lock screen. Additionally, there’s a new CarPlay interface in the works as well as an iPad whiteboarding application known as Freeform.

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