Platform for cross-border payments iPiD is able to raise $3.3M in seed round of funding


iPiD is a fintech company that acts as a cross-border payment platform it has raised $3.3 million of seed capital which was led by Rapyd Ventures, Jungle Ventures, 1982 Ventures, Resolution Ventures, Saison Capital, the XA Network, and Wing Vasiksiri. In addition to the money the company also appointed Alain Raes, a long-time payments industry veteran and an ex- SWIFT executive, to be the CCO. (CCO).

International Payments Identity (iPiD) is a fintech company created around 2021 Damien Dugauquier, Eddie Haddad as well as Geertjan Van Bochove in order to make it easier for the process of making payments across borders and to stop fraudulent attempts. “We are overjoyed that Rapyd Ventures, Jungle Ventures, and many fintech-focused Venture Funds realize the potential of iPiD’s solution in enabling seamless cross-border payments,” the co-founder and CEO, Damien Dugauquier. “As trusted partners, they will contribute operational experience and growth capital to accelerate our go-to-market strategy and position iPiD for the next stage of growth.”

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According to the company report, using iPiD banks can replicate globally the smooth and simple experience that their customers across the globe have become used to when it comes to domestic transactions. The company claims that it has established a presence across eight different countries which includes India. It also announced that more than 20 financial institutions across 15 different countries are expressing desire to use iPiD’s global technology of addressing and validation, and have partnered with the company to enhance its range of products and services.

According to the company with iPiD the financial institutions will be able to recreate the simple and seamless experience their clients in a variety of countries have become used to when it comes to domestic payments. The company claims to have built an international presence across eight nations, which includes India. It also disclosed the fact that over 20 banks across fifteen countries expressed desire to use iPiD’s global technology for addressing and validation, and have partnered with the business to enhance its range of products and services.

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