Onsurity, a healthcare startup, receives funding from Anil Kumble


AnilKumble is an Indian cricket legend and tech enthusiast. He joined Onsurity to serve as a strategic adviser and to help with the company’s mission of improving the quality of life of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) as well as freelancers working in the fields technology, environment, sports and other related fields.

Kulin Shah and Yogesh Agarwal, both entrepreneurs, came up with the idea of Onsurity, which is a monthly low-cost health insurance service. This service provides adequate social security coverage to their employees.

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India’s sports superstar Kumble has backed Onsurity, India’s first monthly subscription-based tech-led employee health benefits platform. Kumble feels that India’s SME workers have been neglected and wants to increase awareness about group health and wellness benefits.

Anil Kumble, a partner with Onsurity, stated that he has personally seen and managed fundraisers for the vulnerable workforce who are often not part-time employees. These gig workers and off-duty employees in any sector (e.g., sports, manufacturing or technology) deserve professional support to ensure their well-being. This is why I love Onsurity. They are democratizing healthcare access through their tech-led platform, and B2B associations. This collaboration will allow me to raise awareness about the importance and well-being of employees and their families. I believe this can help solve India’s healthcare problems.

Onsurity’s 300,000+ insured are all first-time recipients of health insurance. It is a testament to Onsurity’s commitment to expanding access to comprehensive social and medical insurance that allows individuals to live the life they want.

Yogesh Agarwal (Founder and CEO), commented on the legendary cricketer’s association with Onsurity. He said that “We are thrilled to welcome Anil Kumble, the strategic advisor to our Onsurity family.”His association would allow us to move closer towards our vision of providing digitally enabled, world-class healthcare benefits for the 300 million Indian workers who work with emerging businesses. “

Onsurity has partnered up with Kumble after nearly two-and-a-half years since the pandemic began. This partnership aims to increase awareness about the importance to provide adequate health and wellbeing coverage for employees of India’s start–ups, SME’s and MSMEs to retain talent, ensure employee social security and promote their employees’ careers.

Onsurity’s healthcare subscription starts at Rs 145 per monthly. It includes preventative services such as medical teleconsultations and mental health care, online medication delivery, free health and accidental insurance, and wellness seminar.

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