Ola Electric will open “experience centers” to increase scooter sales


Since the Ola S1 Pro is falling in sales, Ola Electric has opened “experience centers” across the country.

ET has been informed by the company that these are not retail stores. Instead, they provide information and support for customers, such as test rides, assistance with purchase, and after-sales. The company stated that customers can order their scooters through its app.

ET was informed by sources that the electric car company will manage these centres. According to some reports, Ola would require at least one store in each city.

The company previously claimed that it was leading the revolution in selling cars online via the Ola app. After an electric scooter it made caught fire in March, the demand began to fall for its scooters in June. ET reported that after-sales of S1 Professional, which is about Rs 1,40,000, fell. ET reported July 29th that the company attempted to increase sales by giving different areas to key employees throughout the company.

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On August 15, the company released the S1 model, which cost less than Rs 15,000 and was then sold. Ola stated that 10,000 units of the less expensive model could be sold in one day on September 1.
Ola Electric will open “experience centers”

Sources tell ET that Ola has laid off approximately 1,000 employees as part of its ongoing reorganization. Sources say it could reduce prices further, which could result in a smaller engineering staff for the ride-hailing company.

The company is simultaneously restructuring and reprioritizing business. ET reported that the company had closed its fast-food and food businesses to allow it to focus on its electric vehicle business and ride-hailing business.

Ola is a pioneer in the electric vehicle (EV), and plans to manufacture its own batteries to power its vehicles, including its scooters, as well as the new 2024 model. On July 18, the company announced that it would spend $500million to build a Bengaluru R&D center called the Battery Innovation Centre. The battery will be manufactured in a building located in Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu) that is near the company’s plant to make scooters. It will also house the new car-making plant.

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