Need to buy a Lamborghini? It will take until 2025 to receive the car


Lamborghini has sold out all its vehicles until 2024.

Italian manufacturer of sports cars Lamborghini has already sold the entire production line to the beginning of 2024, the company’s chief executive said to AFP on Tuesday. The company’s high-end goods not affected by the uncertainty in the global economy.

Its Volkswagen subsidiary is experiencing “high demand” and has an order list for over the coming 18 months Chief Executive Officer Stephan Winkelmann said.

The wealthy customers are attracted to the brand, despite the financial repercussions that have impacted the world following Ukraine’s Russian incursion into Ukraine.

“We have more and more stepping into Lamborghini.

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The world economy needs the ability to “stay a bit stable” in order to sustain it the economist said.

The long ordering times also result of a lack of components, in particular chips required to make new models electric.

Lamborghini plans to launch a hybrid version of all of its models by 2024 , and the first electrical Lamborghini in the second half of this decade.

It’s “a lot in just two years” and the company is working “as much as we can, as fast as we can to keep all the things updated and rolling in a positive way”, Winkelmann stated.

Lamborghini in the beginning of August announced the most successful half-year in its history, with record profits and sales.

The margin of operating for the carmaker was 32 percent, and operating profits jumped at 425 million euros from 5,090 vehicles that were sold.

The luxury car maker Ferrari also reported record-breaking results for the 2nd quarter, and upgraded its annual forecast with orders reaching record levels.

In the latter part of July, the world’s most prestigious luxury consumer goods manufacturer LVMH also reported a rise in profit and sales during the first quarter of the year, despite the uncertain economic climate.

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