MS Dhoni introduces DRONI, a consumer camera drone made in India by Garuda Aerospace


Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who helped make”the “helicopter shot” iconic, has revealed his quadcopter “Droni” consumer camera drone. The camera drone that is the most advanced in India is made by Garuda Aerospace and whose company’s brand spokesperson has been MS Dhoni.

The drones are used to spray pesticides on agricultural crops as well as solar panel cleaning industrial pipeline inspections and mapping, surveying, public announcements and service delivery, Garuda Aerospace has carved its own niche. With its latest product called”Droni, “Droni,” the company is now entering the market of drones for consumer use. At the end of 2022 the drone will be available according to Agnishwar Jayaprakash who is the CEO and founder.

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Additionally, a brand newly developed “Kisan Drone” that is specifically designed for the agriculture industry specifically in spraying applications, was unveiled at the ceremony in Chennai. The drone’s battery power permits it to spray up to 30 acres of land each day using agricultural pesticides.

In his remarks at the event, Dhoni remembered how, during the COVID-19 lockdown Dhoni developed an passion for agriculture. He highlighted the role of drones to help farmers. Garuda Aerospace’s CEO and founder, Agnishwar Jayaprakash, said during the event that the company was committed to creating high-impact solutions for various purposes. Our in-house Droni drone can be utilized for a wide range types of monitoring tasks. In terms of construction and technology it’s reliable as well as smooth and top quality. With the help of Made-in-India drones, We aim create India as a center for top-quality, safe and safe drones and drone-related solutions, in addition to being aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) to satisfy drone-related needs.

Anand Kumar Das, the current president of the Indian Drone Association and a former wing commander of the Indian Airforce, said: “I’m thrilled to be working on an online platform that allows business leaders to network and share their knowledge on drones and drone technology. I’m thrilled to work with Garuda Aerospace to host the Global Drone Expo. The drone industry will gain tremendously from the exposure and growth this platform will bring.”

A platform was offered to experts in the field dealers, farmers, distributors as well as people from the insurance and banking sectors, representatives from financial and educational institutions as well as pilots, government officials, and other investors to learn more about drone culture as well as the numerous possibilities associated with drones.

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