Metaverse Startup XR Central raises $250K in seed money


The XR Central on Wednesday announced that it received $250K in a seed round led by Tarun Tahiliani, one of India’s most renowned design houses, Amitabh Vira, the co-founder and CEO of Netprophets Cyberworks, and Nitin Sethi, SVP & Chief Digital Director – Consumer Business for Adani Group.

XR Central confirmed that the money would be used to promote the vision for MetaQube, its Do-it yourself metaverse building platform. The money raised can be utilized to help design and development teams as well as expand into other markets. This funding will enable XR Central to expedite product development and extend its expansion.

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XR Central, founded in 2020 by Anshul Agarwal and Shrey Mishra, is an interactive technology company that helps businesses create metaverse experiences with an impact. MetaQube is a product developed by XR Central is a sleek and easy-to-use software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is ideal for entrepreneurs and creators seeking to connect with their customers within an immersive environment. MetaQube offers a well-defined collaboration suite that includes a hyper-realistic avatar engine, real-time 3-D worlds, immersive experiences gaming, social engagement tools in addition to other features. The majority of MetaQube experiences are available across platforms and are built to work on 4G. Additionally, it has an uncoded side, that allows the Internet community to extend their metaverse experience as long as it is suitable.

Tarun Tahiliani, states, ” We are noticing shifting tectonics in the ecosystem of digital technology. Digital technology is an integral component of fashion and design and platforms such as MetaQube are on the verge of shaping how these technology platforms will evolve in the coming years. Anshul & Shrey are a group to keep an eye out for in the coming years, as they combine their gaming, tech, along with design and gaming backgrounds, to create an innovative platform for the future.”

Nitin Sethi, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Consumer Business at Adani Group, said, “I am always looking for the next technology that will create a buzz on the digital landscape. MetaQube is here to stay and I’m thrilled to be a part the process of defining what it should appear to be. I am awestruck by digital creators and I believe that the no-code, DIY MetaQube’s design will change the field. The coming decade will be dominating by Web3 and Content Creator platforms. We could see as many as 10 unicorns emerge from this sector.”

“We want to make a an impact that will be recognized globally. We are extremely satisfied with the people we have here in XR Central and all of us are committed to the mission of MetaQube. The money comes in a crucial time for us, as we plan to expand into new markets as well as adding more innovative and skilled people to our team. We believe that for us to expand, we have to establish strategic relationships with the appropriate people at the appropriate moment. Nitin as well as Tarun are well-known names across the globe in their respective fields,” Anshul Agarwal director and founder of XR Central claimed.

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