Let the Ambassador RIP. India has new ‘power automobiles’ as well


Despite its construction however, the Ambassador was not a location to be in should there be an accident. It was a vehicle from the past that was well past the sell-by-date even in 1991.

When I returned from my home town in Hooghly, Bengal, the Eastern Railway Electric Multiple Unit passed through the massive factory of Uttarpara town, which is where the Ambassador was constructed. Uttarpara was home to Hindustan Motors where, until 10 years ago it was the only place where every single Hindustan Ambassador was rolled off the track for nearly five years. Of course this white ambassador was in the past, India’s “power vehicle’. From the prime minister to district magistrates all had a white Ambassador. or, better yet, an Ambassador in white sporting a the lal batti’on top.

However, the Ambassador was the symbol of a different, older India’. It was a classic car that was unable to keep up with modern times, and was well over its sell-by date in 1991, when cash-strapped India was forced to expand its economy. It took time to get the official car of Narendra Modi to change however Narendra Modi today has a diverse fleet of vehicles that include an Range Rover, a Toyota Land Cruiser as well as an all-new Mercedes-Benz S Guard, which is the armored version from the S-Class.

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The majority of senior officials and ministers travel in the Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz, and seasoned journalists in the parliamentary arena will confirm that parking lots during the sessions is full of high-end vehicles, including Maseratis and Porsches. This is why, it was a surprise when Groupe PSA, the French carmaker which has a stake in Citroen as well as the world-wide Stellantis group, proposed the idea that they could return the ‘Ambassador brand’ following the acquisition of the brand by Hindustan Motors, it was somewhat surprising. In addition to being the symbol of an earlier India The Ambassador was not an ideal automobile to drive. It could be a nice vehicle during the 1960s and 1970s, when things were the way it was today, but to people like me, who learned to drive on the Maruti Suzuki 800s and 800s, the Ambassador and the Premier Padmini were a bit of an antiquated vehicle.

Do not trade safety for sheen

It’s possible to consider me to be displeasing that Mercedes-Benz places its gear lever on a slack on the wheel. But at the very least it’s an automatic. On the old Ambassadors and Padminis and Padminis, the gears were mounted placed on the steering rod which, unless you hold bizarre romantic notions that the past was good — they weren’t. It was a complete disaster. Even the latest versions of the Ambassador that came with an 1500cc Isuzu engine and the floor-mounted gears, were not enjoyable to drive.

A friend of mine whose parents were government officials of the highest rank had a moment when he escaped in his mother’s official vehicle and ended at my home as we were teens. We also discovered how bad brakes could be, even on a car that was officially registered with Power Break’s sticker in the rear.

However, at least the car stopped prior to hitting something. This is because, despite its construction and the heavy-gauge steel frame that it was built on, the Ambassador was not the best place to be in in the event that it was involved in an accident. In the beginning, the A Pillar of the car that was the very first upright of a car that runs between the engines to the roof , and is what holds the windshield, is small as the finger. In modern vehicles it is said that this A Pillar is as thick as an elephant’s hind leg sometimes, but it has the disadvantage of creating a huge blind area. However, that’s a different story.

The crumpled ambassadors of the past were gruellingly common sight along roads back in the days The majority of accidents ended in death.

How much does the heritage really matter?

However, nostalgia can be a hilarious thing. Cyrus Behram Dhabhar, an automotive journalist, and the founder of the Fiat Classic Car Club of India believes that it won’t be a surprise when the name Ambassador is returned. “The name was so important to Indians from a certain generation, and I believe that regardless of the amount Citroen has paid to acquire the name may have been too much. Numerous brand names of automobiles which were off the market for a while could come back. Mahindra is rumored to name the forthcoming 5-door Thar as the Armada; Maruti is almost sure to bring back the Gypsy and not name the vehicle the Jimny. These are brands with a long history that are part of our motoring history whether for good or worse. But, I’m not convinced every name are going to return. I’m not convinced that Padmini will return,” Dhabhar said.

However, the history and heritage of motoring are of little importance in a country where vehicles must be scrapped in 15 years’ service. Also, while Maruti Suzuki has recently added the ‘DIA6479’ it was the initial Maruti 800 model sold — as the centerpiece of it’s New Delhi headquarters, most automobile dealerships and factories in India typically offer the latest and most innovative models displayed. The Ambassador is now an effective marketing tool. the former German ambassador Walter Lindner owned an orange one, and a number of other diplomats from Delhi and others have. They are employed as marketing tools at to the Andaz Hotel at Delhi’s Aerocity to Kala Ghoda in Mumbai.

While I think it’s vital to protect the history of motoring Modern cars are more secure and safer to drive. This is more so with fuel efficiency numbers that are unbeatable. The latest Alto K10 and Celerio from Maruti Suzuki claim to cover 100 miles in just four five litres of fuel. It is no assurance that returning to a name that has been around for decades is going to be successful — for instance, the Maruti Estilo is a good case of this. It was initially introduced with the name “Zen Estilo” to capture the luster associated with its Zen company, and after the sales slowed, Maruti quickly dropped the Zen brand in order to avoid that it become damaged.

This brings us back to the original question. Can the Ambassador return? Each year over the last several years, this story has been mentioned across both mainstream and automotive media, with only a few people taking it seriously. To my mind, there is no. The Ambassador was an invention of the time , but it has since disappeared. It is a product of the past that has gone. India has been gone. It is true, however in the sea of strange automobile brand names, this is a great one.

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