Josys gets $32M Series A funding for their SaaS management platform


Companies have dealt in IT administration and management of security since the coronavirus outbreak which has altered the manner individuals workeither remotely or through hybrid work — and increased the market potential. Josys was spun out of the parent company Raksul in the last year, has unveiled its own automated IT devices along with its SaaS software in the month of September, 2021. It helps reduce the cost of IT operations and boosts security systems.

Josys Josys, one of the Japanese B2B SaaS platform which streamlines and streamlines corporate IT processes, announced today that it had raised 4.4 billion dollars (approximately $22 million) in the Series A round, which was which was led by Global Brain, with participation from ANRI, Digital Holdings, Yamauchi No. 10 family office, and World Innovation Lab (WiL).

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One of the aspects that set Josys different in comparison to others SaaS management platforms such as BetterCloud or Okta is the fact that it provides users with various professional services, such as the procurement of devices as well as outsourcing of business processes (kitting solutions) as well as storage in conjunction with SaaS management The company claims.

Josys boasts that its monthly annual recurring revenues (MRR) has increased by 29x in the first nine months of Q1 to Q4 of 2022. The clients range from large corporations to small businesses which include Japanese cosmetics manufacturer iStyle.

“Over the past five years, the environment surrounding Corporate IT has changed dramatically, with the ever-increasing number of SaaS to manage in addition to the management of devices and remote work,” stated the general partner of Global Brain Keisuke Tatsuoka. “JOSYS simplifies maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure, allowing us to focus on our business operations. It will soon become an essential service for our business.” .”

The latest investment will assist Josys accelerate its expansion overseas, which includes Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, Germany, Netherlands as well as The U.S. and Canada, with the goal of launching its first product in Singapore by the beginning of 2023. It also plans to expand the company’s R&D bases in India and its sales force in Japan. The company says it would like to speed up the pace of companies’ digital transformation.

“Corporate IT is undergoing a major transition due to the digital transformation and changing ways of working post-coronavirus [pandemic],” said co-founder and general partner of WiL Ventures Masataka Matsumoto. “The significance of security management as well as the limitations of production in-house of IT in corporate environments are a few of the challenges WiL Ventures is working to tackle globally in order to overcome these problems.” .”

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