It’s the time to plant your garden companies as more people are able to grow their own


Meghna Suri, a resident of Powai in Mumbai she proudly describes herself as”plant parent”. She started growing microgreens and herbs in her residence during the time of lockdown and her garden soon grew. As mint, basil, and even spinach were beginning to grow on her balcony Meghna who is a marketing professional, realized her secret love of plants.

Meghna’s not the only one. She is among the numerous people in Indian cities who became into gardeners during the lockdown, in spite of the limitations on space in urban dwellings.

Prior to the outbreak the hobby was only for dedicated, long-term plant enthusiasts. But during the lockdown, many people, even the non-initiated and uninitiated, turned to gardening as a means to combat boredom. What began as a hobby for people who had a lockdown has evolved into an entire passion for many.

This has accelerated the rise of established companies in the home gardening market, and also caused the birth of several new companies like Lazy Gardener Seed2Plant, Bombay Greens and Gardengram.

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A booming sector

“We began in the epidemic because more people were taking up gardening as a pastime. We’ve seen more than 2x growth since we first started,” says Tanvi Agarwal Co-founder of Bombay Greens.

Bombay Greens, launched by Tanvi and her husband Ankur the company provides DIY gardening kits including eco-friendly kits for growing, mix of potting soil and planters.

Siddhant Bhalinge who is the CEO and Founder of Ugaoo is a Pune-based home gardening company, over the past two years, more than 52 new startups have been established in the garden space.

Siddhant says “We have witnessed an increase of 125% YoY over the past two years as a result of the growing demand for this market. We anticipate this growth to slow down to 75-80% over the course of time.”

Ugaoo is a company that was founded in 2015, is able to sell more than 3000 plants a day, and more than 1 lakh plants per month. The company hopes to earn annual revenue of around 40 crore this fiscal year.

The categories are growing

The most important product categories for most gardening businesses include Indoor plants, seeds pots, planters and manure. Indoor plants like the money plant lucky bamboo, money plant air purifier plants and succulents are in particular high demand from buyers.

“A large part of our customer base is millennials who want easy-to-maintain or low-maintenance plants,” says Nandu Singh, co-founder and CEO of Nurserylive, a company for home gardening that was created in 2014. Nurserylive’s bundle offerings such as plant packages are attracting numerous buyers, according to Nandu. 

“We sell anywhere from Rs 2 to three crore of plant material each month. These are usually plants purchased to give as gifts. We are also convinced that the market for plants for use by the individual will expand exponentially over the next few months,” says Vikaas Gutgutia the founder and managing director of, Ferns N Petals. Ferns N Petals is currently exploring the idea of opening the first curated plant store to sell ornamental plants like bonsais or indoor plants.

Ferns N Petals has 275 outlets across India and is aiming for an income of between around Rs 550 crore to 600 crore for this fiscal year.

Ugaoo offers maintenance of gardens to corporations, while Nurserylive offers solutions for garden terraces, balcony gardens and even vertical gardens. Ferns N Petals is also seeking to provide garden services for terraces and balconies with a fixed price per square foot.

Because many of these startups are online-first and a large portion of their business is derived via the internet.

“About 80-85 percent of our sales come through online channels. We’re looking to increase our presence offline,” says Siddhant of Ugaoo. Ugaoo operates 2 stores located in Pune and another located in Mumbai and is looking at ways to expand to Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

The gardening industry has been a source of investment and funding in recent times. Nurserylive has raised seed money in July of 2019 and is currently in discussions with investors about a new round of capital. Ugaoo has raised over 15 crore in funding from DSG Consumer Partners and RPG Ventures in November of last year, and Ferns N Petals raised $26 million in March 2022 through Lighthouse Funds.

As the community of plant enthusiasts grows and the existing gardens become more dense the gardening industry is poised to experience healthy growth.

As of now, buoyed by her flourishing garden Meghna has set her sights on cultivating more organic veggies, including cherry tomatoes.

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