Instagram will Soon Test Tall Photos to See if they are compatible with Fullscreen Reels


Presently, Instagram tops out around 4:5 for vertical images which are cropped.

The platform for sharing videos and photos Instagram could have ended its controversial revamp however it doesn’t mean that the company will stop focusing on content that is full-screen. In the daily Ask Me Anything, CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Instagram will start testing ultra-tall 9:16 images “in the next couple of weeks.” “You can upload videos that are tall but not pictures that are tall on Instagram. So, we decided we should make sure each is treated equally” Mosseri said.

Presently, Instagram tops at around 4:5 when it displays vertical photos that have been cropped in line with. However, the introduction of support for taller, slimmer 9:16 images will allow them to cover the entire screen while you browse through the feed. Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Instagram will test this feature in the week-long Ask Me Anything.

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Recently, Instagram pulled its TikTok-like revamp. A number of photographers have criticised Instagram’s TikTok like redesign due to the way it makes all images unnaturally display in a 9:16 frame. The feed has also added overlay gradients at photos’ bottom to ensure that the text will be more easy to read. However, this was in contrast to the original style of the photographers’ work.

In the Instagram’s unsteady redesign testing with users, Mosseri admitted numerous times that the experience on full-screen wasn’t optimal for photos. The moment is now Instagram will continue to present that super-tall image experience, but not to mandate that it be used across all platforms.

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