Indian Army And Drone Federation of India Make MoU to Create Drones for Military Operations


The Indian Army aims to support the drone industry in India and assist in the development of indigenous equipment and weapons

As part of the MoU, Indian Army and Drone Federation of India (DFI) will devise an outline of the steps to make drones, counter-drones and other technologies

The Indian Army and DFI have also announced a drone program known as Him Drone-athon

The Indian Army’s Army Design Bureau (ADB) and Drone Federation of India (DFI) have signed an MOU to develop drones that will use in Indian Army operations.

This is why they hope that the Indian Army aims to support the drone industry in India and aid in developing indigenous equipment and weapons.

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In the MoU both bodies will develop a roadmap for the development of drones, counter-drones, and other technologies. They will also conduct research projects with industry veterans academia, as well as the military. They will also test field trials of drones that have been developed.

ABD is the nodal organization that is part of the Indian Army. It supports research and development in conjunction with academia, industry DRDO as well as DPSUs. In contrast, DFI represents the country’s drone industry. It alters policies related to drones and creates business opportunities. builds a skilled infrastructure which facilitates knowledge and technology transfer, promotes standardisation and supports R&D by collaborating with academia and industry.

Apart from this in addition, as well, Indian Army and DFI have launched a drone program known as Him Drone-a-thon. The drone program is a joint initiative of PAN-India that brings together all the stakeholders of drone technology, including researchers, software developers, and drone manufacturer.

The new programme will be implemented in different stages and analyzed for various aspects, such as altitude as well as weight, range, and endurance, for instance. According to the program the two organizations are expected to first create logistical drones or load-carrying drones to areas at high altitude, surveillance and micro drones to rescue, as well as rescue drones to combat.

These developments occur in a period where the Centre is helping to boost the country’s growing drone industry. This month, at an parliamentary session in which the Centre announced that it had granted private parties to utilize drones for delivery purposes , provided they are in compliance with Drone Rules, 2021.

In the course of the meeting, the Minister of State Civil Aviation General VK Singh declared that the Centre has already begun making use of drones for various reasons, including the delivery of vaccines, checking pipelines of oil as well as power transmission lines and spraying fields for agriculture as well as other purposes.

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Additionally it is worth noting that the Ministry of Civil Aviation introduced a Production Linked Incentive (PLI) program for drones as well as its components in the year.

In a previous interview with DFI’s director Smit Shah said an estimated Indian drone industry was projected to grow into an INR 50K cr ($6.69 billion) 6.69 Billion) market in 2026.


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