Husband-Wife duo brand is a one-stop shop for your utmost foot comfort, according to consumers ,Your Foot Doctor


-“to make sure you choose the correct size and pair of shoes to fit your feet. There is a large section of our site focused on providing comprehensive foot care information, including pain-relieving shoes as well as professional assistance and a foot analysis system as well as other.”Rajeev S. Suarana, co-founder of Your Foot Doctor color My Mad private limited, in the exclusive interview of Startup Story.-

The health benefits of wearing appropriate shoes cannot be overstated even though they are often disregarded or overlooked. Most market choices place emphasis on comfort and style over style. However, this Mumbai-based company Color Me Mad and a couple from the same household created the idea of using cork as a material to make footwear to bridge the gap.

This husband-wife team is not just a co-partner in crime, but also run the business in a similar manner. When that the possibilities of their partnership idea was realised, Rajeev Sularana became a co-founder straight immediately, and that’s when The Foot Doctor was established! The company is a firm believer that the foundation of the foot requires the same consideration and care as the foundation of our faces do.

Rajeev Suarana tells in an exclusive interview on the story of the startup, and how Trishla Surana was compelled to create a shoe to develop a new product, and being the designer with a right brain that she is she decided to realize the idea while discovering a new technology that improved both the body as well as the eye simultaneously. It is the tale of the way Trishla and Rajeev Suarana drove the footwear industry into a frenzy. Trishla Surana’s story of struggle for shoes to suit her huge feet to creating insoles for all kinds of shoes that offer comfortable and supportive.

Your Foot Doctor!

The company’s name is Color Me Mad private limited and the name of the brand will be ” Your Foot Doctor.” Customers are able to find doctors on CMM for any type of foot, ankle or knee pain. The team is professional and comprised of orthotics, designers, shoemakers along with technicians YFD has earned a reputation as a reliable company which can be proudly created in India. It provides the most effective solutions for foot care via an innovative business model, which includes online consultations via video and foam boxes that are delivered to the doorsteps of customers to collect their foot impressions, as well as the delivery of insoles via door-to-door shoes to customers across the world.

Trishla the founder of the company has always aimed to design shoes which stand apart from common choices available. This was how this brand began as a business. Along with the help of his spouse Trishla Surana co-founder, Your Feet Doctor Rajeev Suarana made all the necessary arrangements to start the company in the year 2014. The original idea behind the startup was to develop customized flip-flops that were printed with a fabric, and also consider the preferences of customers.

Following the launch of the product Marketing became the top priority. The pair partnered with fashion bloggers in order to reach their audiences to establish the brand and they also represented India on the International Innovation Fair in Turkey in the year 2016 and in major shows such as Ruchika which is located in Mumbai.

The brand was featured on The Shark Tank India episode that was telecast the 2nd of February, 2022 along with Namita Thapar, a representative from Emcure Pharma provided funding for the venture. Because they talk about foot issues and the fact that two out of five Indians suffer from flat feet that are often untreated, being as a guest on Shark Tank and promoting their brand has been significant change for the business.

After Shark Tank, YFD received an overwhelming reaction from customers across the world. Their customized insoles quickly gained attention which led them to start an in-home service in Mumbai as a trial.

In an exclusive interview in an exclusive interview with The Startup Story Media, Rajeev Sularana sat down to talk about his joy being a part of an actual show , and also how the experience helped speed up the company’s growth . an exclusive interview with the startup story media. “By God’s grace, God we were granted the chance to appear present on Shark Tank, which took place on February 2nd 2022. To the sake of all the viewers on our show, we were on episode 33. The reason for this was that we were discussing this issue for several weeks. We saw physiotherapists, doctors and other experts throughout the process to learn more about foot issues and foot health. They’re aware of the issues but haven’t considered them serious because the shark tank opened Pandora’s box. People from across the globe contacted us and that is encouraging because it confirmed that this is indeed a real issue. The incident also gave our brand the confidence to keep making an effort to reach for more supporters who are in the name of a worthy cause. .”

From the Market to Customers

In the process of helping the brand create its Make In India brand, making sure that they have the efficiency as well as economies of scale for their hand-crafted items has been a challenge. This process involves lots of labor which is why the business is seeking ways to increase production using the latest technology and automation methods.

Trishla was struggling before Rajeev was appointed to the Board as co-founder. Being female in a field that is predominantly male-dominated is not without its challenges as women aren’t taken seriously. The main issue for the brand was the unorganized nature of the market for footwear, which required creating relations with the Karaigars. After appearing on Shark Tank the market was able to gain some satisfaction.

Advantages And Positive Aspects Of Online Furniture Shopping


Rajeev Suarana discusses the brand’s distinctive market positioning exclusive to The Startup Story Media. “Both local and imported cork-based footwear brands are readily available. However, most of them do not make use of cork from the real thing or simply utilize cork sheets that do not have the same characteristics that our product does. We stand out by offering our customers attractive designs and maximum comfort using latex cushioning that provides cushioned, non-slip shoes. The goal of YFD is to guarantee your mobility and ensure you are comfortable.”

Essential Solutions For Consumers

The practical issue of choosing the correct size are a significant obstacle for the consumer. The absence of half-sizes in the Indian marketplace for footwear is a significant issue. The market produces sizes for shoes in its entirety however, when it comes to half-size the seller will sell the entire size to the consumer even though the shoes may be tight or loose but at the end of the day, customers will purchase.

Another problem is that when purchasing shoes, the market usually is focused on how the shoes look, rather than on their ergonomics. In both countries and internationally there is no measurement of your feet.

In order to address each of these issues, Rajeev explains how the company provides customers with a solution to these issues. “With the help technology like YFD technologies, our aim is to work with leading footwear makers to assist them in rethinking their products to provide comfort, support, and ergonomics, while also creating footwear that is able to fit petite, narrow feet and large, broad feet. We’re the most likely company on the planet to offers custom-made insoles for customers who want to live a healthier and eco-friendly life style .”

Vision Board

The company is in the process of establishing an effective business model. The company also declares that they have found the secret formula of operation and implementation this Fiscal year. The company plans to become a major player in in technology-driven and innovative footwear.

The company YFD is a specialist in arch-supporting medical insoles. The company is planning to introduce YFD-touched heel pads to women. The YFD is currently focused on sports. With the aim to be present in every major city around the world the YFD is currently operating from three towns in India.

Rajeev declared during an interview exclusive to Startup Stories, “We are going to collaborate with the kabaddi league. In addition, we plan to build a range of verticals that are based on pain, sports defence, as well as other fields.”


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