How Tarusha Mittal swam into the club of blockchain


The entrepreneurial bug bitten Tarusha Mittal at a very early age. She was the co-founder of numerous tech ventures , such as Cloudrino an cloud-based management platform and an infrastructure and Soul Machine Innovations, an artificial intelligence-driven brand and customer managing software.

For a girl who had no prior experience in technology, she’s made far. Tarusha is a woman who has been working in the technology field for the past decade, is currently one of the brightest minds in blockchain.

The tech-entrepreneur’s interest in the area of crypto and blockchain came to the fore when she was co-founder on previous ventures, with data centres and cloud-based business being on the agenda.

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“In 2013 we had already started assembling mining rigs to mine cryptocurrency, and after we ended scaling Cloudrino in 2013, we decided to launch an Ethereum exchange dubbed It was among the very first Ethereum exchanges that operated in India and we were also attempting to make it a global company,” she says.

However, in the year 2018 it was the Reserve Bank of India, in a move that was almost instantaneous that banned Indian banks from facilitating crypto transactions. This set the stage for the winter of crypto bears where crypto- and blockchain companies were unable to progress.

The failure resulted in Tarusha with two options to choose from: either relocate operations overseas or close down. The latter was a challenge because the company did not have enough money to expand. But, when the founders began to slow to a standstill and then resorted to another chance of creating an app that would record transactions on blockchain.

The result was the development of Oropocket which is a company that lets users diversify their portfolios from traditional investments by investing in multiple digital assets, including digital silver and gold. The company also earns money from two additional offerings, OpenDefi and UniFarm, which are part of the OroPocket umbrella.

Born and raised from Lucknow, Tarusha always had an urge to create something unique to her. Prior to the tech industry began, she founded an online life magazine called MishMash in the year 2009.

Today she is a renowned techie who assists women entrepreneurs who are starting or expanding their businesses without compromising their mental wellbeing.

What advice does Tarusha give to women who are in leadership? “Don’t waste your energy in petty matters Be an obscene Gangster! There are two types of regrets: regret over a mistake or regret not doing anything and the “what if” aspect of it. Make a wise choice.”

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