Heru Finance, a Web3.0 platform for asset management, was launched by an ex-Facebook veteran


Heru Finance is a global investment platform for Web 3.0. It was launched in India and Southeast Asia today. This platform uses sophisticated technology and a team with 40+ years of combined experience in investing in Web3.0 & Crypto. It can manage more than $8.0 million in assets.

Heru Finance, a global asset management platform, allows people to invest in Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies using its own investment strategies. It utilizes deep technology and has a crypto team that has more than 40 years experience in investing to help investors achieve better returns in bull and bear markets.

Web 3.0 and its underlying technology, blockchain, are now widely used by consumers to provide a new asset class for them to invest in. Investors have been subject to extreme volatility, regulatory crackdowns and asset freezes on key platforms in the past few months. Heru is fully compatible with laws. It offers safer options by investing in patented strategies that offer greater returns in bull and downturn markets.

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Heru was founded because working professionals wanted to invest in this new asset type, but they didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so. The only options available to them today are purchasing tokens and index funds on crypto exchanges and other platforms. These are highly volatile and could lead to large losses. Prashant Malik (Founder and CEO, Heru Finance) stated that the investment strategies on Heru have been actively managed and have seen upto 50% positive returns over the last three months, as compared to the capitulation in crypto price during the same period.” Malik is well-known for inventing Cassandra, a distributed database that is used by Meta, Netflix and other global companies. Malik stated, “Our target audience is working professionals with total investable wealth greater than 1 Cr and an investment outlook. The platform offers HNIs/UHNWIs exclusive investment opportunities in hand-picked web 3.0 and blockchain companies that can deliver strong returns. You can invest in Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook right when the Digital Revolution began!

The company was founded by ex-entrepreneurs, technologists and early blockchain investors TanujMoorjani and Ganesh Kompella. It boasts a strong technological stack. The platform’s robo-advisory, which assesses clients and matches them with an individual set of investing ideas, is a highlight. The HQS (Heru Quant Stack) is used by the investing team. It transforms data from search, meta, social, and content platforms into trading signals. They are also working on additional technological solutions that they hope to release soon.

Web 3.0 advocates believe that all assets including real estate, commodities and art will be digitalized, as well as financial instruments (stocks derivatives bonds) and financial instruments (stocks. 

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