Health startup Gabbi receives $4.4M to assist women to assess the risk of breast cancer


Gabbi Gabbi Portland, Ore.-based startup building an application that helps women evaluate their risk of breast cancer, has raised $4.4 million.

The breast cancer risk calculator from Gabbi also designed to suggest an action plan for health. The company plans to introduce its product at the year 2023 at the start of the year as a benefit that is available to employers, as per an announcement on Friday, which announced the funding.

The cash addition builds on $1 million of pre-seed financing which was secured in June 2021. The funds will be used to develop the product as well as expanding the eight-person team.

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“Everyone should have access to the tools to recognize their risks and gain access to appropriate treatment,” said Gabbi CEO and founder Kaitlin Christine in the release.

Christine had previously worked in the position of business development for genetic testing firm Myriad Genetics and was motivated to create Gabbi due to personal experiences with breast cancer. Gabbi was named after the mother of her daughter, Lise Gabrielle Clark. She had a fatal mutation in the BRCA1 gene that causes breast cancer and later died of the cancer.

Christine also has the mutation, which carries an extremely high risk of breast cancer. It led to a frightening medical encounter, which culminated in the prophylactic double mastectomy when she was 24.

Gabbi’s prediction system “is built on one of the biggest and broadest sets of claim data worldwide,” according to a statement. Christine previously informed economicpitch that the software was being developed using information from an insurance partnership between two companies.

Many research institutions have created the risk of breast cancer calculators, such as those from the U.S. National Cancer Institute that offers an breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool available to the general public. Its Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria, Australia, built the iPrevent and also provides customized breast cancer screening and prevention tips.

CRA Health, which was purchased from Volpara Health last year, also offers risk assessment, but the instrument is more geared towards healthcare professionals.

The funding round was managed by Bread and Butter Ventures and included participation by Female Founders Fund, WR Hambrecht, Phoenix Rising, Claridge Ventures Advisors, VC, Coyote Ventures, Gaingels and private investors like David Kidder, Sarah Jones Simmer and Naseem Sayani.

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