Gujarat Announces Drone Policy, Aims To Create 25K Jobs


The Gujarat government urged PSUs, government departments and other organizations to come up with plans to increase the use of drones within the next six months.

The Drone Policy formulated various uses for certain areas like geology, agriculture, forestry mining, disaster management, and mining.

As per the drone policy, it is the Gujarat state government also made plans for the idea of a Hackathon as well as a Grand Challenge with various departments of the government

The Government of Gujarat has introduced the ‘Drone Use and Promotion Policy’ which is an drone strategy for Gujarat, with the intention of opening up new opportunities in the field.

As per the policy, drone operators, users, and pilots are required to sign up on Digital Sky. Digital Sky platform and get an unique identification number as well as an demarcation zone at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to be able to use.

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The policy will run for five years. the state government announced that the policy will permit various departments to utilize drones in order to meet different demands. It is the Gujarat government has urged various departments of the government and public sector enterprises (PSUs) as well as other organizations to develop plans for promoting drones in their specific regions within the next six months.

The state government is hoping to create 250,000 jobs as a result of the drone program.

It is crucial to point out this fact that Gujarat Police already has a fleet of drones. Additionally, during the most recent Rath Yatra, drones were also utilized to monitor and supervise.

The Gujarat government also outlined various use cases for departments. This policy lists the departments such as geology, forestry, agriculture mining, disaster management and mining as well as several usage cases per departments.

The drone policy is a part of the Gujarat government also has proposed the idea of a Hackathon and a Grand Challenge with various departments of the government. In June officials from the Himachal state government has introduced a drone policy of its own in the same guidelines as that of the Gujarat state government’s policies.

Centre’s Fears About Drones

The Center has been active since the beginning of last year in the drone industry, beginning with the introduction of the new Drone Rules 2021. The Centre hopes to create India the “drone center of the globe” by 2030.

Then, shortly after the government unveiled it was launching the Digital Sky initiative, an online portal that is hosted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and is expected for functional by the end of October this year..

The Centre also revealed the INR 120 Cr production-linked incentives (PLI) programme for the manufacture of drones in early in the year. accepting applications in the month of April before announcing 23 companies who are participating in the scheme in the middle of last month.

The government also hosted the first Drone Festival of India in May. The the Prime Vice-President Narendra Modi said that the moment was the best time to build drones here in India.

The Minister for Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya Scindia The Indian drone industry is expected to be worth 15,000 crore in 2026. She also stated that there are 270 drone-related startups in India that the government was aware of.

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