Green is the new black: US homeowners are making their gardens drought-resistant


Organic gardens that are water-resistant are increasingly becoming popular, replacing lush green lawns popular in suburban America

As a result of the severe drought which is affecting California along with other states a lot of homeowners are changing their gardens. The water-resistant organic gardens are now becoming popular, replacing lush green lawns that are popular for their suburban America.

The landscapes in California and across the country are undergoing a transformation as residents are trying to manage the frequent droughts which have plagued the region for a number of years. In June, California officials requested residents to reduce the amount of water used in outdoor areas. This is an unprecedented move in a place where lawns that are lush and green are frequently refilled with water every day.

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This initiative was instrumental in reducing the amount of water consumed by 11% across the state in the month of July 2022.

Lawns that are covered

The initial strategies to address the lawn problem were based on ecologically questionable alternatives, like artificial lawns and grass paint Some homeowners are opting to make ethical changes to their yards. Instead of maintaining a lawn solely based on grass, these homeowners are cutting away or covering a portion of their lawns, and also making new drought-resistant sections. Certain gardens are built around the concept for mound-based cultivation.

Particularly, people are covering their ground with tarps in order to stop grass from returning to new plants. It is also possible to use cardboard, Shawn Maestretti, founder of the ethical landscaping firm Studio Petrichor, told KQED.

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