Feeling like a Lazy Camper? Seattle startup provides the essential rental equipment to take families outside


Cat Sherbourne loved camping with her family when she was a kid However, as she grew older, she began to realize the steps to make an experience happen wasn’t as easy.

In her 20-year camping experiences, Sherbourne seen many parents on the go who regret not being able to go camping with their children, no matter if they didn’t have the equipment or were put off by the time-consuming process. Sherbourne was determined to make the experience the most convenient experience possible.

Her solution Sherbourne’s solution was Lazy Camper Lazy Camper, an online platform she created along with her husband Chong Sun who is who is a data scientist at Amazon who has experience with machine learning as well as AI.

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Lazy Camper offers the essential equipment and directions for, as its title suggests an outdoor lazy camper’s adventure. Customers can pick from a variety of packages, ranging from a one camper to a family of three. The prices range between $119 and $32 and includes items such as camping chairs, sleeping bags as well as headlamps and cooking supplies as well as bug spray, and much other items.

The company provides same-day delivery for adventures that are spontaneous and will pick up your used equipment at your doorstep.

“It feels like not just delivering gear but delivering an experience for people,” Sherbourne said.

The couple has noticed their working relationship has made their jobs simpler as Sun frequently helping bring equipment to customers on his commute to work. job.

“We’re building each other up and building a better product all the time,” Sherbourne stated.

The most difficult part is the time required cleaning used equipment particularly during the outbreak.

Lazy Camper differs from other rental camping equipment services due to its low cost and ease of use, according to Sun. The company’s competitors typically offer high-end gear specifically designed for long-term camping or backpacking trips, but Lazy Camper provides gear for families-friendly adventures. This allows them to keep costs low.

The startup has ambitious plans to increase the size of its team, broaden its customer base, and expand into new states.

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