Estate Protocol is urging you to be a landowner through NFTs. Here’s how.


The privilege of owning a house that you own is an honor. If you’re a salaried person who doesn’t earn much, your chances of reaching that goal can be restricted. There are many options to consider, from spending your money in a systematic manner each month, to taking out loans however, getting there isn’t simple.

Parv PrabhakarRyan Smith, and Cody Coex Foo The founders of Estate Protocol, also noticed this. They realized that buying real estate was a costly long process that relied heavily on old-fashioned business methods, involving several middlemen. It was not long before they realized that Web3 could be a solution to this issue.”We are trying to solve the inefficiencies in the real estate market by making real estate purchasing accessible for the rest of the 90% of the population and democratising the exclusive system which was previously limited to the elite class.” Parv is the author of the Decrypting Story.

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Growing living in a small house, Parv learned that investing in real estate was crucial to accumulate wealth. “I realised real estate investing was much more than a financial safety net, I view it as an asset that can be sold in case of hardship or way to build wealth,” Parv states.

Soon after, he came up on the idea of dividing the costs of buying and maintaining a property between various people, also called fractional ownership. Parv was just 19 when he came up with the idea while working as a writer for the Indian cryptocurrency trader The WazirX.

After the concept was established the next step was to create an team. While working in WazirX, Parv had met the founders Ryan and Cody on the internet. Soon, the three of them began creating the Estate Protocoltogether.

Ryan oversees the real estate investments in the business Ryan is responsible for the real estate investment in the company, and Cody is in charge of business development. In 2021 the startup has raised the sum of $50,000 during the seed round. The company is currently working to raise the $1millionin capital by the end of September this year.

The fractionalization of NFT can be used in real estate

This is the benefit of making investments in fractional NFTs. Because the cost is split between multiple individuals the amount required to be able to invest is reduced. This allows investing in real estate to be easy for even the most novice investors.

Estate Protocol isn’t the only one to put fractional ownership into use. There are many businesses that expand this idea through NFTs, such as Ekta Blockchain, a cryptocurrency firm that has raised five million dollars in seed capital to demonstrate how this could be implemented within the actual world. The difference is that Estate Protocol things slightly differently. It issues an indigenous symbol, Brix, that represents the ownership of the property. Possessing Brix tokens Brix tokenBrix token gives the ability to share profits with other owners of properties which are rented out.

For example, if you are the owner of a well-known Airbnb listing in Estate Protocol and hold a certain amount of Brix which allows you to get an amount of the profits the property earns each time it is rented by a person.

Stepping onto the platform

If you’re a property owner looking to market your property through Estate Protocol, there are certain things to be taken care of. The first step is to verify the property’s details by contacting their associates. After everything is verified the property is then owned by the company in an Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle (SPV). Estate Protocol then mints an NFT address, which is tied with the proprietor of the entity following which they get a percentage of the profits every when it is sold.

“So in effect, the minting of the NFT, or the turning of title from paper to digital is free, but every subsequent sale of that NFT would give us a royalty,” Parv.

However, if you’re hoping to start investing in the future, things might look differently. Visitors visit the site and obtain an KYCdone through a service known as Blockpass.

As of now, Estate Protocol is piloting the NFT marketplace and hopes to be live within about three months. In addition to its own marketplace, the NFTs created by the firm are also available on third-party marketplaces, such as OpenSea as well as others compatible to Ethereum as well as Polygon.

The definition of ownership

This is the method of establishing ownership through Estate Protocol: It ties to local title partner businesses in all US area. The title partners scrutinize the tokenized real estate and confirm the legitimacy for the title. “Sellers can tokenize their title into an NFT and then list the NFT on our marketplace,” Parv says.

He says that since the rules differ across jurisdictions across the US the title search is performed using the deedsland recordscourt judgementsthat verify the legitimacy for the property.

Treading legal boundaries

Because Estate Protocol is registered in Delaware the state, it must comply with the securities law of the US. “So our only restriction on the supply aspect will be that any properties we tokenize need to be registered on the US. Therefore, we cannot list properties within India,” says Parv and adds that Indian customers are able to purchase properties that are listed by them.

To Estate Protocol, the journey isn’t restricted to the US. The company is planning to create an inventory of tokens for property in the most popular areas.”For instance, lot of wealthy buy houses in Chelsea, London and so we plan to tokenise a range of properties in that neighbourhood, and let common people invest in the whole neighbourhood at once,” He says.

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