Edutapxr is a start-up that makes use of Augmented as well as Virtual Reality to create a education experiences


The year 2020 has taken the toll on all industries and individuals. The idea of working from home was introduced at first and it was in this time when Abhijit and his team developed the original concept of Edutapxr. This was when four individuals who were Abhijit Sarkar Amit Kumar Singh Ashwal CS along with Pampi Paul Sarkar joined forces and came up with a concept of a full product-based business that is focused on immersive and emerging technologies like metaverse, blockchain, and delivers a long-term product for the market.

Education and the XR concept, i.e., the extended reality, is the way the name came to be with the main department being virtual and AR. Edutapxr is focused upon AR, i.e., Augmented Reality VR i.e., Virtual Reality and MR, i.e., Mixed Reality. Their two major products diverge into the education industry as well as the D2C (direct to the user) in the craft and arts industry.

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Industry And Market Dynamics – An Overview

In the Indian market has seen rapid growth in the past 10 years. The startup ecosystem of India is among the top-performing globally. Many young entrepreneurs are making their way into the market with creative and creative ideas.

Everyone is now familiar with virtual reality to some degree or to a greater degree. However, despite the advancements in technology and science, just the world of virtual reality or virtual realities has seen a scratch. Edutapxr intends to dig deeper into this realm and provide its customers with an affordable product. They want to design products that facilitate learning for automobiles, for instance. Abhijit shares a personal story in a discussion about their mission, ” I was traveling from Delhi to Kolkata and observed that firefighter training was took place at the airport. I thought, what if we could make it an item, a model that can be used into any situation, such as firefighting or critical illness, an emergency landings and more. We wanted to transform training into a viable and cost-effective product.”

They’ve already introduced their solution into the education sector, and it’s the name of the business itself. They’ve also begun to implement their revolutionary solution to the healthcare industry that requires the large-scale utilization in AR as well as VR in order to improve the training, sales, and medical needs in the field. With Edutapxr the retail industry can combine their AI using AR as well as VR tech. There are many possibilities in the real estate business and. Thanks to this new technology you can take a tour of their home of dreams virtual. It’s useful in interior design of your dream home, as it allows you to testing decors, wall paints, and so on. before you purchase these items, which ultimately makes the experience for customers better.

Factors Influencing The Industry

The marketplace is experiencing significant shifts towards internet. With more and more products accessible online, customers are seeking newer methods and alternatives to shop. Edutapxr is a strategy to solve issues related to the user experience. One of the most difficult issues is the way in which products are displayed. Customers are not able to visualize the purchase. For instance, if someone purchases a product through Amazon or Flipkart it is only possible to test it after it is delivered. If they are not satisfied with what they receive the item, they can return the item. The whole buying-exchanging process is a tiring and lengthy process for both parties the seller and the buyer. The primary goal of the business is to address this issue as quickly as is possible.

With companies of all ages developing new and original products and an ever-growing number of customers satisfaction, customer service has been an issue. Today, people do not want to wait around or sacrifice their experience with customers. This shift in mindset has proved to be the main driver in the field.

Artistokart- A Mobile App By Edutapxr

Artistokart is an illustration of how even the smallest events in your life can impact your mind’s creativity. The concept behind the platform for selling art was born when Mrs. Pampi Paul Sarkar, the Managing Director, and Co-Founder of Edutapxr one time she visited the hospital during her pregnancies, listened to her doctor and her physician arguing about a painting that he would like to purchase, but cannot locate or buy it. The concept of an integrated platform for buyers and artists was a thought that came to her mind, that she later shared with Abhijit, her partner. Abhijit. Together, they transformed their idea of a dream into a reality. It’s an excellent lesson for future entrepreneurs to seek inspiration and inspiration everywhere. Whatever you’re doing take a look around you and the small things you see can spark within the creative spark.

Artistokart is an online platform for artists across the world to display and sell their artwork. Also, it is a digital art gallery. The physical art galleries are mostly frequented by art enthusiasts and artists are unable to reach their audience. Artistokart allows artists to transcend physical and intellectual boundaries of art. Anyone who is interested in buying art can now purchase artwork from any part of the globe. Not only is it possible to buy the artwork in its physical form and receive the digital version via NFT which ensures the authenticity of the artwork. This initiative promotes cultural exchange and allows for the sharing of different perspectives on art.

In terms of business, Artistokart will bring in many new businesses across the world by just a couple of clicks on your mobile regardless of where you are located on the map.

How Is It Solving The Challenges Of Customer Experience?

One of the most significant issues that we can observe is the educational sector. Although many schools are now introducing screens and presentations many institutions of higher education haven’t progressed beyond the blackboard that is that is on the wall. This leads to a lack imagination and dullness. The solution is AR which helps students see what’s being taught in the class.

Additionally, when a buyer would like to buy something then, they would like to see it in a way before purchasing it. Through AR this is a way for the customer to have an opportunity to fully feel something prior to making a purchase. There have been attempts by online shopping websites to address this issue but the art-selling sites are in the background. With the help of Artistokart’s technology, the buyer will be able to see the artwork they want to see on their wall through the use of AR. ” The result we’re trying to accomplish is a more convenient environment that is both for the vendor as well as the buyer, in which the seller doesn’t have to give the painting and the buyers are not required to spend an effort to go to galleries, they can purchase artwork from wherever they areand whenever they wish. This ensures that the work isn’t duplicated. This allows for an even larger audience for artist, ” says Ashwal CS CTO, co-founder of Edutapxr. These are the reasons that make Artistokart above other sites selling art.

With their global expansion and are expanding globally, they will be implementing an international approach to their platform in order to eliminate the language barrier, and enhance user experience. So, they plan to recruit many more programmers, Indian in addition to overseas in the near future to assist them improve their platform. Helping customers is one aspect of their agenda.

Although it’s currently in its initial stage, Artistokart will be launched in online stores like Google Playstore and Apple App store shortly.

For entrepreneurial types, Abhijit advices what he believes ” Three words that I would like entrepreneurs to understand are Trust, Transparency, and Team. If there’s trust and openness between team members, it is possible to reach your objectives. Believe in yourself and by establishing trust and transparency, create your team.”

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