Edukhoj is changing the ecosystem for education in India


Edukhoj is an educational search engine. It strives to unite the entirety of India and the international education ecosystems to give students the most amazing results-driven learning and preparation experience that is possible. The data-driven search engine guides applicants through each step in the learning process assisting students in all of their education issues.

About The Founder’s Journey:

Abhishek Porwal, the creator of Edukhoj and is an IIMP Pune alumnus who founded in the year 2020. It is a fully integrated platform for learners and educators.

He is an extremely skilled educator with more than 10 years of total professional experience in the corporate world, with a particular focus working in the education (Coaching/TestPrep) Industry , in different roles like Business Strategies and Planning (Classroom, EdTech & Distance Learning) as well as Students Acquisition & Student Services, Business Development (Sales & Marketing) Marketing, Branding, Advertising Public Relations and career Guidance & counseling.

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The Idea Behind The Startup:

Abhishek stated that he was looking to create an online search engine for education. that is a single-stop, data-driven, tech-driven educational platform that helps students with interacting with institutions of higher education and making educated choices.

In his work with various educational conglomerates across India and interacting with students from urban and rural areas He realized that there was a deficiency of knowledge among students regarding institutions for entrance exams or college diplomas. He discovered that IIT JEE and NEET exams are the only tests that parents and students are aware of and was surprised to find that students who are who were interested in pursuing an occupation in the field of creating sports bikes and cars weren’t aware of the entrance exam and other related possibilities. This is when he saw the necessity of Edukhoj.

Need For The Product And Its Launch:

In a career-related session in one of the world-renowned schools. One of the bio students asked “Sir If you’re not NEET What do you think of biology students? Sir as a student of science is there any other option if you don’t IIT? Sir Why is science confined only to IIT as well as” It was the turning point in his professional life when he quit his job and set out to build a startup that was bootstrapped Edukhoj.

Edukhoj began to be first launched in April 2020. The founder stated, “We didn’t launch the website in an extravagant way. It was just a standard launch that included a samosa dinner. Since the beginning there has been a lot of demand to boost sales while we invest our money. We were in lockdown just before our launch the product, which caused us to review our strategy and gave us the chance to redesign some of our features.”

The founder is also aware how it is clear that the New Education Policy is a significant reform to the Indian Education System which would lower the number of students in any examination or course.

Did Edukhoj Face Any Losses During The Pandemic:

Based on the statement of the company’s founder of the company, there was a significant shift in the education system in India during the time of the pandemic. Due to this, because it was an unfunded startup that relies on its funds to create the name, the company was hit greatly by the pandemic.

What Did It Do To Prevent Monetary Losses?

Edukhoj was working on its offerings of services to give the edge needed to fight the outbreak and also to increase its service offerings, while keeping prices stable. In the time of the lockdown and during the lockdown period, it also utilized on-line mode for testing its product across different states.

What Makes Edukhoj Unique Among Its Competitors? earns a profit from sponsored advertisements that allow institutions to advertise through the website. They utilize the Cost Per Lead (CPL) strategy, wherein they obtain the CPL from institutes. A combination of online advertising and partnerships with institutions. It provides branding and a Cost per Lead strategy.

Shiksha, Collegedunia, Collegedekho along with Careers360 include among the few competitors to Edukhoj. They’re likely to be restricted to higher-education institutions however, on the other hand, Edukhoj is introducing ‘Search Education’ with services for coaching institutes as well as professional/skilled colleges as well as higher education (colleges and universities) as well as foreign colleges, classes for students from abroad under the name ‘Study India’ and e-learning will be added in due time on the Edukhoj website and other options.

The Team Members Of Edukhoj:

Abhishek stated that Edukhoj has a core group of people who are multitasking comprising Brijesh Nirmal, a student from IIT Guwahati and Asheesh Tripathi from IIMP Pune. As of now they are multitasking and taking care of all the tasks. The product has proven its capabilities in the market and has received a positive reaction from educational institutions. They are eager to raise funds since, to this point they have received help from families and friends.

The Work Environment In The Company:

The entire staff of Edukhoj is committed to having discussions open to help in the efficient completion of assigned tasks and avoid any misunderstandings. They also know the difficulties encountered by team members working from home. It follows the same principles as its partners , which is to have group discussions and instilling the same mission and vision among all staff members to ensure the smooth operation of its business.

How Far Has The Brand Come Since Its Launch?

Since it began offering this service to the initial client that was originally from Lucknow It has since been selling its services to 11 states of India. It has made significant strides and, as of it has joined several national institutions that have a presence across India. In the beginning, it was the listing of 10000 professional coaching schools and has since grown to include 55,000 educational institutions, which includes universities and colleges and professional coaching.

Future Prospects Of The Company:

Edukhoj aims to be in the top three positions among its competitors in terms of product and service to broaden the product offering in the education categories like skill-based/professional institutes, international colleges, ‘Study in India’, e-learning, and online college and university programmes.

In order to grow its business It is expanding its workforce and trying for funds from investors. It will place greater importance on the behavior of users and customer feedback and also analyzing their products’ implementation. The goal is to move carefully and making inroads into the rural areas of India and around the world.

Current Investment Status And Future Funding Possibilities:

Because Edukhoj is a start-up that is bootstrapped It hasn’t raised any money to date. The founder of the company stated that the company is currently engaged with angel investors as well as venture capitalists in regards to seeking funds. Based on discussions with VCs they have firmly committed to investing. In addition, he expressed his excitement with the statement, “Let’s see how soon we can close it.”

Customer Experience And Challenges For The Brand:

So so far, Abhishek said, it’s been a great experience with a faster implementation of features that will aid clients in growing rapidly. It’s difficult to build a business that is bootstrapped difficult when competition has millions of dollars invested into capitalizing on the market via offline and online marketing, or in acquiring the best talent.

There Were Some Challenges Faced By The Company Like-

The team that hired them: They altered their working schedule, reduced the hours of work and focused solely on the time frame for job completion and created an abundance of top talent from the top financials , and mostly freelancers.

Marketing and Sales: At the moment, it’s hard to find the right sales and marketing staff. The large companies have created unrealistic expectations for freshers packages. Abhishek stated, “We overcame it because I, the founder (with an extensive sales and marketing expertise) took over right from the beginning with the marketing and sales of Edukhoj. This allowed me to understand the customers from various states and their challenges and ultimately led us to create our product.”

A Message To Young Entrepreneurs:

When discussing this the founder of the company said “Life is about you. You are the one who is developing ideas for the next great thing. Startups are the ideal option for those who want to grow and implement the changes you would like to see. The process of building a startup demands sacrifices in your family, work health, friends, and family. Be aware of your choices before you go into the building process, as it takes everything you’ve got and provides unexpected opportunities.”

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