DASH gets $1m in funds by selling its revenue recurring Recur Club


DASH, a go-to market driven by technology channel for brands operating in Tier-III markets, has secured one million dollars of non-dilutive credit line through Recur Club, a financing platform that allows companies to turn regular revenue streams into swift and upfront financing.

DASH is a platform for technical services that, with its digitally integrated network of demand providers and fulfillment partners helps make Tier III markets more accessible to FMCG and food commodities brands. At present, more than 200 companies have embraced it to boost their market share into Tier III. DASH has enrolled around 2000 business partners across five cities, and orders are delivered in 24 hours.

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Ajay Nain founder of Dash told journalists that the company operate an innovative operating model in which they rely on technological innovation and local entrepreneurs to tackle the supply and sales challenges faced by brands. Dash has grown at a rate of 32% CMGR, and hopes to hit 100 crores ARR by September 2022. However, this must be tackled with a larger the right scale and they are pleased to have joined forces together with Recur Clue.

“As the founders of Recur Club, we are aware of the time as well as the effort and paperwork that is required to raise capital using either debt or equity. In Recur Club, we obsess in helping founders such as Ajay Nain, by providing an completely new avenues to grow their business without any dilution. Our innovative AI/ML-powered underwriting engine connects to the company’s data-on-the go and lets them access their trading limit within 48 hours.” stated Amar A Ummat, founding partner at Recur Club.

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