Curators are attempting to preserve the Ukrainian heritage at all costs


The UN culture organization, UNESCO, says 175 Ukrainian cultural sites have been destroyed since the start of the war. However, there are some courageous museum curators who are protecting the cultural heritage of the country in good hands.

As she realized that Russian troops were moving into Zaporizhzhia, the area of Zaporizhzhia, Natalya Chergik helped in filling a truck an assortment of antique guns, paintings and 17th-century pottery.

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We drove 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) in five days. The journey was a nightmare planes flew over us, and we didn’t even be aware whether these planes came from Ukrainian and if they were not” She relates.

The toughest aspect for us to accomplish was trying to persuade people at checkpoints to check the artwork but to allow the truck through in the fastest time possible.

Chergik is the curator of Khortytsia which is a museum-island located situated in the Dnipro river, which covers around 30 square kilometers (11.6 sq miles) that served as a home of the Ukrainian Cossacks from the 16th century.

It was home to its first Zaporizhzhian Sich a kind of Cossack state, ruled by direct democracy. It was in existence until 1775, when Russian imperial empress Catherine the Great destroyed it.

It is an sacred spot for the past of Ukraine the statement reads. Maksym Ostapenko who is 51. director of the Khortytsia reserve, which is a major Ukrainian cultural center that holds among other things, hundreds of artifacts from the past discovered in archaeological excavations throughout the decades.

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