Cosmic Byte caters to the requirements of every Indian gamer


One of the most renowned makers of gaming equipment from India, Cosmic Byteoffers the best quality products to its customers. With an extensive assortment of items, including gaming headsets gamespads, keyboards and keyboards chairs and workstations that cater to all kinds of gamers. The top-quality products are designed with the needs of gamers in mind in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Ronak Gupta who is the founder of Cosmic Byte, has completed the Masters in Business Administration as along with his CFA. Then, he began working for a company but realized that there was no gaming platform in India that is totally focused on gamers and the requirements. Then, he founded the company Cosmic Byte on the 13th of March 2013 as a distributor of gaming equipment, but not as an online gaming platform. In 2017, the company was officially registered as a brand and then began selling gaming items and purchasing them.

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Ronak declared that he is always fascinated by the universe and all the things that surround it, and was always curious about what else was there. When it comes to bytes, he explained that it’s all about gaming storage, computers, and gaming. Therefore, Cosmic Byte is a amalgamation of many things, which is evident in the products it offers. Many of their items have been named after various objects from space, including Nebula, Interstellar, and others.

The Idea Behind The Startup

Ronak stated that he’s been an extremely skilled player since his the age of. As he grew older he noticed an industry for gaming that was very new within India and isn’t sufficiently developed. In the year 2012, or 2013 he made the decision that he needed to provide for this industry. At first, the plan was to just get involved in the distribution system and learn the game industry’s dynamics by comparing it to developed nations regarding gaming. This is why the idea of acquiring products that weren’t readily available in India and what Indian gamers are lacking in India came about.

Need For The Product And Its Launch

The year 2014 was the time that Amazon entered India and began selling its products online. In 2014 there was a variety of goods were available in India apart from gaming items which were quite insignificant. So, he decided that he needed to create something to help the gamers in India looking to pursue the game as a career.

Did Cosmic Byte Face Any Losses During The Pandemic?

The founder claimed that the company had been greeted with a warm response during the lockdown. This suggests that the company is growing in response to the massive demand for its products, such as keyboards, headsets, and mice. Since there was a shift from work to an online platform at home, a large number of people who were not gaming previously began gaming as a hobby as a result of the shutdown. The brand, on contrary, was effective in providing the goods and witnessed a massive growth in sales over the past two years that resulted in a zero-dollar loss.

What Makes Cosmic Byte Unique Among Its Competitors?

The gaming business in India is controlled by foreign brands, with only a handful of Indian brands offering products. One of the major advantages that makes it stand out is the pricing, because the products of foreign brands are priced higher. It’s also a committed to the gaming industry, as opposed to certain brands which have limited gaming equipment.

In discussing the competition in this area, Gupta said that in the global market, Logitech gaming, and Razer are among the leading gaming brands. However, in India there are brands such as Redgear and BOAT may not offer the full range of products that Cosmic Byte does, but they have a subset of gaming-related products.

The Team Members Of Cosmic Byte:

His wife is part of the company and is also responsible for marketing for the company. She handles the offline and online marketing for the brand. He also stated that Mr. Aditya Joshi serves as the country’s sales manager, and is responsible for the offline aspects of the business, as the brand’s 20 to 25% of sales are from retailers and distributors across India and from major format retailers like Vijay Sales, Croma, and others.

The Work Environment In The Company:

The entire team at Cosmic Byte are very active and enjoys gaming. Ronak stated that his wife too enjoys playing games and has played such as Call of Duty and PUBG over the last two years. She knows the specifications to be a part of the game industry. He added that the team is focused on having fun and playing games when they are working. He is of the opinion that the more people are playing and enjoying playing, the more they come to understand the demands from the perspective of a player as well as being used to improve their products as time passes.

How Far Has The Brand Come Since Its Launch?

At first, in the year 2017, it launched gaming headphones priced in the between 1K and 1K. Over the course of the past 5 years, it has expanded its range. In particular, in 2022, they’ve focused on items which can aid professionals in India and also take into consideration games that are online. Additionally, if players wish to develop their skills, they do not have to shell out a huge portion of their budget on equipment when they can find similar products within the 3-4K range. He believes that this is the primary criteria for purchasing top quality and high-end products and also aiding in the development of the e-sports culture in India.

Future Prospects Of The Company:

Cosmic Byte recently tied up with Velocity Gaming, which comes in the top three most prestigious games teams of India. Gupta stated that the company is in search of gaming partners to establish its brand as an equal to international brands in terms of product and quality. The company also introduced headsets this year that are in the 3-7K range, in partnership with Dolby Atmos.

In recent times, the brand has changed its focus from mid-budget products to premium category products. For this it’s planning to work with YouTubers, streamers, as well as gaming groups, as well as be on the same level as some international brands.

Current Investment Status And Future Funding Possibilities:

The company, as stated by its founder, is 100% home-financed without any external funding. He also said it plans to find investors who will increase its reach and to improve its operation.

Customer Experience And Challenges For The Brand:

In India one of the biggest problems faced by the business is accessibility. Because India is diverse in terms of the languages used by its citizens it is difficult to locate the best distributors and partners as well in reaching customers. Therefore, this year, they’ve decided to focus on the cities in Tier-2 and Tier-3 through tie-ups with some regional streamers and players.

It also has to face the problem in managing its finances since it is completely self-funded which hinders its expansion. If investors are brought in for this fiscal year, the company can reach a new stage in terms of providing better service to its clients.

A Message To Young Entrepreneurs:

Ronak Gupta who founded the company of the organization, said “There thousands of avid gamers living in India however, they’re hesitant to make gaming their career. The esports market is growing and I am determined to be a role model for Indian gamers at an international scale. This is what Cosmic Byte aims at an Indian player who can reach the level of international playing and competing against the top players in the world.”

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