Chrome Software Reporter Tool, how to disable it?


Across all stages, Chrome is famous for hoarding assets, depleting your battery, and thus influencing execution. To resolve this issue, we have even composed an itemized guide on ways of accelerating Chrome on PC. However, imagine a scenario in which I let you know that there is a secret device called Chrome software reporter tool that makes the computer processor spike strangely. Google keeps up with that it is to shield clients from malware and destructive augmentations.

Yet, numerous clients have announced that it continues to run behind the scenes and seriously influences execution. So assuming that you considering Chrome Programming Columnist Device and is its careful reason, then you have arrived at the ideal locations. In this article, we make sense of the issue exhaustively and furthermore furnish you with two simple methods for debilitating Chrome Programming Revealing Apparatus for all time.

What is Chrome Software Reporter Tool?

While geeks can manage and inspect their PC by themselves, it is very often seen that general consumers are trick into installing malware from the Internet. As a result, Chrome gets infect with harmful extensions and software that change search engine, add malicious toolbar, replace new tab with custom web page and bring lots of ads and redirects from every corner. All of these changes prevent Chrome from working properly.

And that’s why we have a dedicated explainer on how to improve the security of Google Chrome for consumers in general. Anyway, to combat this issue, Chrome ships with a software reporting tool that scans installed programs on your computer in the background and removes harmful ones. Basically, Chrome Software Reporter Tool works as an antivirus, but its scope is only limit to the proper functioning of Chrome.


That said, users have reported that Chrome Software Reporter Tool is constantly running in the background and consuming crucial CPU resources. Many have reported that it usually hogs around 30-60% of the CPU even when the PC is idle. One user raised the issue on Twitter and found that Chrome was even scanning files inside the Documents folder. Evidently it became clear that Chrome Software Reporter Tool is scanning the entire hard drive including personal files and Windows Registry which ultimately increases the CPU usage.

To quell concerns, Justin Schuh, director of engineering for Chrome Safety, responded to the same Twitter thread by saying that it’s “all local scans” and Chrome doesn’t upload metadata for files and folders to the cloud. While that’s reassuring, Chrome should explicitly prompt the user for input before scanning the entire hard drive. Other than that, high CPU usage by Chrome Software Reporter Tool is a big problem for many users, even those with beefy PC specs. At a minimum, Chrome should have an option to disable background scanning for users who can manage their PC on their own. However, now that we have learned about the issue in detail, let us go ahead and disable Chrome Software Reporter Tool manually.

Is it safe to use the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool?

The answer is yes, the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool is completely safe. You just have to keep it enabled on your Windows PC and it will not harm your computer in any way. In fact, it will only check if there are any potential conflicts that may occur on the system with the Google Chrome browser. But if this process is consuming a lot of your system resources, we recommend that you disable or remove it from your Windows PC.

Steps to disable the Google Software Reporter tool

If you want to just disable the tool, you need to go to the AppData folder where the software is located. Here are the steps to follow:

  • The path to follow is this: C:Users[your username]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeDataSwReporter22.123.0 .
  • Now, right-click on the tool and go to Properties.
  • In the new window, select Security and go to Advanced.
  • Click the Disable Inheritance button, and then remove all inherited permissions from this object.
  • Apply the new security settings.

How it affects the computer

It should be noted that Google Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool can have certain drawbacks on equipment with poor specifications or on older computers. Therefore, in this list you will see certain consequences of keeping this tool activated:

  • Excessive consumption of both the CPU and RAM memory, which affects the behavior of the computer.
  • Slowdown of other programs running in the background.
  • Affects privacy, as the Software Reporter Tool notifies Google about the results of the analysis in the browser.

How to delete it

If instead of deactivating, you want to delete Software Reporter Tool from Chrome, you only have to follow the steps that are going to be described below:

  • Simultaneously press the “Win ​​+ E” keys.
  • Enter the path: C:UsersUsuarioAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter. Remember to write the name of the PC in the “User” section.
  • Access the folder that will appear with numbers and intermediate points. The numbers may change according to the version and the Operating System you have on the PC.
  • Find the “software_reporter_tool” file and right click on “Open”. If this alternative doesn’t work, open Windows Notepad and drag the file to that tool.
  • Delete all the content that has appeared in the notebook, close it and save the changes.

Note: If you do this, you will need to download the tool again to set it up on your computer.

Disabling Software Reporter Tool from Google Chrome will optimize the performance of the PC, since in this way it will avoid excessive consumption of its resources. It is necessary to remember that the purpose of this tool is to clean the browser and remove programs that obstruct its operation. But, if these actions slow down the computer excessively, it is best to disable it to have a better user experience.



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