Cantos announces the third of its funds, putting $50 million into startups that are near the front.


Hard tech is a challenge but when breakthroughs are made they can provide massive opportunities and huge returns. Cantos has just completed its third fund that invests in companies with a scientific approach in the pre-seed and stage to improve billions of lives and save the world.’

“I hold a bachelor’s degree in international relations. I’m not a technical person in any way. I’ve always been an avid reader and a fan in the realm of science-fiction,” acknowledges Ian Rountree, GP and founder at Cantos Ventures. “You are constantly bombarded with these myths which I believe are mostly the result of modern-day venture capital. The myths are that “hardware is slow and hard and is more capital-intensive. There are some assumptions that say it’s not as effective than investment. However, if you’re considering the biggest issues facing the world and you start to wonder. If we’re going to reduce illnesses, climate change conflicts or existential risk and more, creating real-world solutions out in real life will probably be more beneficial than software in many instances However, venture capitalists were generally viewed as a threat. This didn’t sit for me.”

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Rountree was able to take a closer look at the market in which others were apprehensive about risks, he saw opportunities.

“If all of Sandhill Road is categorically saying I’m not investing in hardware and bio, then maybe it’s actually an interesting gap to step into,” says Rountree.

Cantos 3 is focusing on pre-seed and seed-stage investment in highly technical conditions, TechBio, aerospace and the next generation of computing startups. It is a specialist in taking on technical risks alongside founders and is more willing to accept more than other venture companies It says.

“We aim to reduce risk in the market, and search for companies that make products at a lower cost and with a less carbon footprint, thereby improving the quality of care, or increasing the capabilities of defense for democratic countries. We believe that the biggest firms can also have the greatest positive impact on the lives of people and our world if they are well managed We aim to support entrepreneurs who have the desire to create $10 billion-$100 billion businesses and more,” Rountree says. “Our theory is that such companies will either provide the potential of a platform or will be fully-stack. We consider our founder partners as the next industrialists.”

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