Cannabis startup Polite sells high-quality, scientifically-backed products that will pamper you


The co-founders of the Seattle-based hemp and cannabis-related firm Polite have several reasons for their company’s name.

Self-care includes THCas well as CBD-containing products that address specific health issues. It’s about changing the “naughty” image of marijuana by offering an “nice” alternatives of the micro-dose items. This includes making scientifically-proven assertions about the oral sprays, tinctures topical lotions, vaping equipment that they’re offering.

“The essence of Polite is all about being well-treated and also treating others with respect,” said Sue Tan, Polite co-founder and chief creative officer.

“We take cannabis to improve our physical, mental, andsocial health. When we feel healthier as individuals,” she said, “in turn , that can have an effect on our children, partners and families, and community members.”

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In January of 2020, Polite launched its cannabis products that contain THC which is the ingredient that causes intoxication found in marijuana. In April 2022, the company started selling hemp products without THC that contain CBD. The items from both lines contain various cannabinoidswhich are the active biological constituents of hemp and cannabis and other herbs for healing.

Polite is distinguished by its primary focus on products that are health-related as opposed to products for recreational usage.

When marijuana was legalized, “patient-focused products were kind of neglected and then tossed to the sidelines,” said Yung Tan co-founder and CEO. The wellness and health aspect was gone, he explained and so “we added the medical in medical cannabis.”

The company is working with doctors who are studying the results of patients who use the products. In addition, they’re using the results of clinical studies in the development of its products. Polite is a partner in Seattle’s Advanced Integrative Medical Sciences (AIMS) Institute, a healthcare clinic that integrates both naturopathic and conventional techniques.

The medical advisory board of the institute comprises AIMS Institute co-founders Dr. Sunil Aggarwal and Dr. Leanna Standish. They also have positions in the UW School of Medicine and Bastyr University, a school of alternative medicine located in Kenmore, Wash.

The company is competing. CBD products by definition are health-related. Other brands focused on medicinal cannabis are Aunt Zelda’s and Mary’s Brands. But , it appears to place less emphasis on medical applications. For instance, a search on the platform for cannabis Leafly for instance isn’t a straightforward way to find low-dose THC products to treat health issues.

Polite’s founders claim their aim is to help clients discover which dosages and formulations are most effective for their health requirements. This includes products for chronic inflammation and pain sleep, stress, anxiety, digestion and immune as well as energy and focus and muscle and joint pain.

It is focused on cannabis education outreach to the general public health professionals, as well as “budtenders” employed in retail stores selling marijuana and usually have only their own personal experiences to base their recommendations on when they recommend products.

“This problem is for you to forgive the pun, very fundamental,” said Sue Tan. “You have patients coming to their doctors and telling them, ‘I’m going test this cannabis product regardless of whether you believe in it or not, as I’m out of alternatives. All other options have been unsuccessful for me. ‘”

Although the company is involved in research on cannabinoids it’s not conducting any strict FDA-approved clinical trials, and isn’t publishing research published in journals that are peer reviewed. The company does use outside labs to analyze its products for the concentration of its ingredients and for contaminants like pesticides.

The aesthetics and brand is attempting to walk the line of professionalismtrying to create items that people will feel at ease giving to elderly parents, or even putting on their nightstands without appearing to be intimidatingly pharmaceutical.

Polite is a name brand of a parent company known as Canvas Therapeutics, which also has a brand named Revida Labs. Alongside Sue as well as Yung Tan as brothers, Canvas’ other co-founders include Mary Brown Szomjassy, Jeffrey Freeman Jr., Adam Melero, Melissa Durkee, Mike Szomjassy and Suan Teo.

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Before establishing cannabis-related firms, Yung Tan was a corporate lawyer at companies like Perkins Coie and a senior investment banker for banks like Citigroup along with Deutsche Bank. Sue Tan has done design work in various countries and also co-authored a work on innovation. Brown Szomjassy has a background in education. She has been an expert to cannabis medical education for the past 14 years.

The products of Polite’s cannabis are available within Washington and Arizona two states in which cannabis is legally used for recreational purposes. The hemp products are sold across the country.

The company, which employs about 15 employees, is run by a bootstrap and has not received external financial assistance. As it grows its international and national client base, the company will seek the possibility of funding from investors, according to Yung Tan.


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