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” Find your next innovative idea and create top-of-the-line solutions in a timely manner in a safe and efficient manner.” bythe Prateek Shukla Co-founder and the CEO at Altorum Leren during an interview exclusive to Startup Story.

Altorum Leren was founded at the end of September in 2017, by Sandeep Parira as well as Prateek Shukla is an IoT company that supplies its clients with technological advancements as well as cloud-based solutions for automation. The firm specializes in the development of strategies and methods that help companies in gaining market share and boost profits. The expanding reach of communications technologies has brought to light the necessity of creating top-of-the-line IoT solutions.

Altorum Leren is one of the top names in the industry offering complete IoT solutions to various industries all over the world and also Mr. Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder and the CEO at Altorum Leren are at the at the helm. Prateek began his work as an Cybersecurity Consultant. His enthusiasm for the field is evident in the way his book was written on the subject prior to his 12th Board examinations. He started his career with the well-known IT company based on products “Casa Cuo”.

Prateek And Sandeep Parira (co-founders of Altorum Leren) began their careers as entrepreneurs. They became acquainted through an acquaintance, and their alliance led to the establishment the company Altorum Leren on September of 2017. According to Prateek the most effective lesson in leadership is to select the right person for the job to be performed, since only the best person will accomplish the task efficiently.

Altorum Leren The Next IoT Jumbo

Altorum Leren literally is “Product startup” which offers a range of services for small medium, large, and small companies and industries. One of these solutions is that help businesses monitor the condition of their assets, as well as automating the manufacturing process. Prateek is aspiring to Altorum Leren to become an industry leader in the IoT sector. Prior to leaving and shifting to other projects Prateek wants Altorum Leren to be a global top player on IoT. IoT field.

The amount of IoT devices is anticipated to reach the 24 billion mark by the year 2030 as the market accelerates the advancement in 5G technologies, AI Intelligence, and advanced analytics tools. Altorum Leren has a wide range of capabilities.

Successful Inception Of Altorum Leren

A key aspect of Altorum Leren’s most important strengths is its ability to capture data from devices and move information to the cloud. This is a skill it has improved over the last few years. Altorum Leren currently employs more than 45 employees.

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Altorum Leren’s status as a leader within the market is apparent from the company’s extensive client list, which includes in size from Toyota, Wipro, Siemens and TATA advanced technology. The company is experiencing phenomenal growth and success and is determined to establish a distinct market in the field. “Think IoT, think Altorum Leren” is the goal Altorum Leren strives to achieve and its team is working to achieve this. The company has experienced remarkable growth in just a few years thanks to the dream of its founders and the commitment of the core team.

Services and Products That Help Altorum Leren stand out

Altorum Leren has announced Alfinity Altorum Leren has launched Alfinity, an IoT SaaS platform. It’s an industry neutral platform and assists businesses by providing Preventive as well as Predictive maintenance by using Edge computing incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Utilizing these advanced technologies can help businesses save time and money through reducing the loss of the resources that are used.

Alfinity is a subscription-based, low-cost model that assists customers in the early detection of issues in their systems. This process allows for proactive course correction , and permits the client to develop an effective and reliable strategy. This systemic approach and the comprehensive effort yield a greater Return on Investment as well as longevity of the economic viability. Platform’s USP is its ability to handle a variety of requirements of customers starting from defining the needs to providing relevant information and from generating consistent data to providing an extensive analysis report.

The Growth Assists Altorum Leren

Altorum Leren began its operations with a bootstrapped financing approach in 201. The company’s revenue comes from subscriptions to Alfinity Cloud. Alfinity Cloud platform as well as customized IIoT solutions for businesses.

Since its start the company has demonstrated profitable results in team expansion as well as revenue generation. The revenue for FY17-18 was approximately Rs. 1,25,000per annum (September 17 to March 18) which included a total workforce of 3 people.

The team grew between 3 and 12 members during the second year, FY 18-19, which resulted in an annual turnover of 94.4 lakhs. The size of the team grew between 12 and 24 people in the 3rd fiscal year (19-20) and the revenue exceeding 1.6 crores. For the period 20-21 the firm grew the total number of employees by 45 from 24 and earned $3 million.


Offering products and services that are functional is essential for the customers/clients. The majority of clients and customers who continue to keep Altorum Leren in business are those who have utilized their services previously and have the knowledge to make comparisons within the marketplace. The most crucial notion in the world of business is that time equals money.

Altorum Leren has been able in expanding its reach into US as well as several European countries. The efficiency of timing management, the constant feedback, and transparency , along with the sufficient amount of clarity have been the recipe of the success of Altorum Leren.

They retain 95 percent of their clients who exclusively seek out services from them. This is an indication of efficiency and excellence in providing services to clients to their satisfaction.

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